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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. joseph69
    On Woos site it states not to run the amp for more than 8 hrs under "faqs"
  2. TontNZ
    I did opt for some "better" tubes.  I picked up some Sylvania 6SN7GT NOS, 274B Sophia Princess Mesh Plate and EML 300B's [​IMG]
    Hopefully, that's sufficient (given the total cost) to get me going!
  3. Redcarmoose

    Get going where else? Your maybe done for awhile till the estranged tube rolling cult in this thread converts you to become one of their own. Then there is no end. Just packages in the mail ad infinitum.
  4. TontNZ
    Will do, I'm just tidying up my work/listening area (read massive clean-out!) before unpacking them.  I'm also waiting on some Audeze LCD-X's purchased from another Head-Fi'er and a new Chord Hugo, which should have been shipped today but didn't [​IMG]
    Likewise, on the recommendations of other fellow 'Fi'ers I've opted for a Moon Audio Blue Dragon USB cable.  I'll probably opt for some of the Blue Jeans RCA-RCA cables.
  5. TontNZ
    That "feeling" was rather tarnished by Fed-Ex.  They arranged delivery by one of the local courier companies and Fed-Ex in their wisdom decided to split the three box consignment into a one box consignment and a two box consignment.  So one box was delivered at 10.00 am Wednesday and I had to wait until 1.30 pm Thursday for the other two boxes!  I had to take time out from work to wait around home all day for couriers not to turn up.  To say the least, I was less than impressed by Fed-Ex  [​IMG]
    Anyway, my last valve (tube to you guys!) amp was/are Esoteric Audio Research EAR 519, 100 watt monoblocks.  These were designed for studio use and without any exaggeration they could be run continuously 14+ hours a day, day-after-day.  Never broke a sweat and always reliable.
  6. Redcarmoose

    I actually told FedX I didn't want the boxes delivered. I told them to email me and I would drive down to the FedX hub and pick them up directly. Normally they are fine with that cuz it saves them work.

    Just something for folks to think about here.

    I have done this with most of my audio equipment because I didn't have the ability to wait at home. I just could not wait.:wink:
  7. TontNZ
    Funny you should say that, I've already been in touch with some-one that has a large stock of some of the more sought after matched pairs of 6SN7's (and their variants) and 5U4G's, all NOS.  Just perusing the list he emailed me, I identified another $1,000 worth of tubes I'd like to try!
    He has some:
    CV1988 / 6SN7GTY “brown base” BRIMAR UK.
    6SN7GT Brimar 1950's.
    "5692" Red-base Philips USA (RCA made) 1960's.
    RCA "brown-base G" shape 5R4GTY 1950's.
    Mullard UK brown-base GZ33.
    It's an insidious hobby/obsession alright.  It also has to coexist alongside my love of motorcycling and the stream of new parts for that!
  8. joseph69
    I ordered a WA6/6SN7 adapters from Woo this afternoon and purchased some NOS 1962 6SN7WGTA JAN tubes from eBay today.
    I'm waiting for Jack to reply to my message asking him if he will accept 15% re-stocking fee instead of the normal 10% being I am past the return date on my 6-SE.
    Even though he hasn't replied yet, if anyone is interested in my 1 month old SILVER 6-SE -15% of the retail price PM me!
  9. Silent One
    Congrats on your purchase and getting thru the misadventure!
  10. MickeyVee
    Congrats on the WA6 (again :)!! Hopefully things will work out with the 6SE & Jack.  I'll probably also order the adaptors and try the Sophia 6SN7's.
  11. joseph69
    Thanks…again on the WA6 lol!
    If they don't work out with Jack I'll just put the 6-SE up on eBay.
    At least I'll be were I want too be with my set-up again.
    Thanks again
  12. -kent-
    Just got my last part of the WA6... The Ultimate Driver Tubes, the 6GL7/6EM7 :D
    They sound so stunning! Love them!
    ninjapirate9901 likes this.
  13. joseph69
  14. -kent-
    Thank you! :D
  15. ninjapirate9901
    Hi there, I have recently come into possession of a used WA6 SE and am currently running into an issue with channel imbalance. I figure I'd ask here to see if anyone could help troubleshoot. I have noticed over the past week that the right channel is noticeably louder than the left.
    My current tube configuration that I am running is a pair of RCA 6EW7's and a brand new Sophia Princess 274B.
    Initial troubleshooting:
    1. First I tried just swapping the driver pair around. Channel imbalance is still present. One side thing I will note is that the if I wriggle the tube that drives the right channel it makes a loud static/hiss sound. If I wiggle the tube for the left channel it makes a loud popping sound...
    2. Next thing I tried was a different pair of driver tubes. In goes a set of 6FD7’s (no markings). Worryingly I found that I initially got no signal at all out of the left channel (I had used them a week ago and they were still working). Quickly power off, swapped the pair around, now I get sound out of both channels but the imbalance is still there...
    3. Just for kicks I put the old 6EW7's back in to see if there was still channel imbalance. Same thing happened again where the left channel had no signal coming out. Power off, reseat both drivers and rectifier tube, power on. Signal comes through on both channels but again the damn imbalance.
    In addition to the above, the channel imbalance is noticed on both high and low output jacks. Input channels also don't seem to matter. I used the same cable (cheap stuff with a ground loop isolator on the end) that goes from my DAC (D100 MkII) to the WA6SE on a couple of other amps (Maestral III, Soloist) and no channel imbalance was noticed.
    The only easily changeable thing I haven't tried at this point is the driver tube. I think I have another lying around somewhere which I'll try tonight and see if that resolves the issue. Anyone else got any tips/suggestions?

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