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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Frank I
    I also bought another lens last year my 80-200 Nikon 2.8 and also bought the d7100 late last year so I got close to 10K also in camera gear spent.  Instead of buying the 70-200 2.8mI elected to have the  80-200 and the 300MM prime for the same bucks. The d7100 is my track meet camera and with the 1. 3 crop I got 600MM on the pirme lens. if I had to buy the 600mM prime for my d610 it would be 10K just for that lens. If I want to buy the D4S I could right now with what in my  toy budget . But restraining but thinking real ahrd about the D4S except it wont do 600MM with my 300MM lens.
  2. Frank I
    Thansk for all the interest in the tubes. They are all sold now need to keep  resisting the Nikon D4S
  3. Fugue
    ^^ Don't you think Woo deserves better than Walmart? [​IMG]
  4. magiccabbage
    hahaha - Frank you have chronic gear lust!! [​IMG]
  5. bonesnv
    So, how about driver/power tubes that pair up well with the GZ32?  Don't want to go down the 6SN7 path until I hear back from my email, would prefer not to pop my amp.  Most don't seem to care much for the 6GL7 from what I can tell, so what is the general consensus?  Do the driver tubes typically affect the sound as much as rectifiers?
  6. Khragon
    My experience is that the driver tubes affect the sound the most, then rectifier and finally power. Ymmv
  7. zbdajj
    WOO audio's products are very beautiful. Even more beautiful than Chord
  8. magiccabbage
    Not on the WA2 they don't in fact it's Power then Driver then Rectifier for WA2. 
  9. ru4music
    Congrats DG!  Does this mean you opted for public transportation instead of a new car? [​IMG]  It's been a while since I posted so I need to catch up...
  10. hodgjy
    Same trend, sans rectifier, in my WA3.  Power tube has by far the most effect.
  11. longbowbbs
    Those 596's look familiar....[​IMG]
  12. ru4music

    Frank, question for you:  having listened to both the WA5 and the Mono 234, how would they compare SQ wise given equal tubes (e.g. 6SN7/ 300B)?  I'm wondering if the Mono 234, for the price premium, is just giving output tube options.
  13. ru4music

    X2, but keep in mind that you will want to do all three to get the most from the WA2 (it's worth it in the end!)
  14. magiccabbage
    yea true but i'm selling mine soon. I will have to wave goodbye - I have TS5998 JS7308 and RFTEZ80. I did wanna try - GEC6AS7G / Amperex Orange Globes with the RFT's but it looks like that wont be happening now. [​IMG]  
  15. Silent One
    So, what's in store?

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