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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. -kent-
    Thanks :)
    I will take some pics next week. First I'm at the Prince Concert in Antwerp, then I'll take some pics later on.
    A question - I hooked the WA6 to my external sound card (Nuforce DAC) - how loud should the DAC be? And is it okay to use the headphone out of the nuforce for the WA6?
    (is there actually any difference between the headphone out and the chinch outputs on the back?)
  2. punit
    Please connect the WA6 to the RCA out's at the back of the dac. Connecting the HP out of a DAC to another HP amp is absolutely the last possible option to be used (if you really cannot afford a dac with a fixed line out) & strictly a no-no...
  3. kazsud

    Dac turned all the way up.

    Control volume one amp.

    At-least that's how I've always done it
  4. jc9394
    turn it up before distortions begin, lower it so no more distortion and keep it there.
  5. Silent One
    I'm thinking if I switch to a diet of tea & ramen for 6 months then maybe, just maybe... [​IMG]
  6. -kent-

    Good to know and thank you!
    The Nuforce does have both, but the RCA were already in use for my Audioengine A5s.

    I think I will change that now after I get back home. Is there any good quality switch for RCA? A few weeks ago I bought the HD800 and now the WA6,so my wallet has seen some better days... :wink:
  7. bpcans
    I hear ya'. Get rid of girlfriend. Stop driving car. Ramen and tea. Check! It's gonna take more than six months for a WA5 and some Audeze's. The numbers don't lie.
  8. Silent One
    Since one typically eats less in hot weather I'll get off to a fast start... [​IMG] already have re-cabled HE-6 cans, so one down and one to go!
  9. joseph69
    If anyone is interested, I just put my WA6 (without the wood) with a few extras + free shipping and PP fees to the lower 48 only. Thanks.
  10. MickeyVee
    I use the Audioquest Hard RCA splitter out of my DAC.  No SQ degradation that I can hear but I run either the amp or my desktop speaker.
  11. snapple10

    Back in the club but went with an old friend
    Thanks to the gentleman who was willing to let go
    Have not been using my Grados since I sold my woos
    Sophia on desk and hoping the 596 survived storage
    Hoping to use it more this time around
    Silent One and bpcans like this.
  12. Silent One
  13. bbophead
    Let this be a lesson to all of us.
  14. Dubstep Girl
  15. Dubstep Girl
    as for me....my woo just arrived!!!
    im surprised my $20 walmart shelf is actually holding the giant woos quite well, i would think the plastic legs would of broken or the cheap wood snapping, lol im gonna get something nicer soon.

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