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Woo Audio 6 versus HiFi Man EF-2 and the Xiangsheng Sweet Peach

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by welchie, Sep 9, 2010.
  1. welchie
    Just introducing this thread to gather opinions and input. I current own the HIFI man ef2 and the sweet peach. They're good amps no question. The Sweet Peach is a little large for the night stand. I like the Sweet peach because I can hook a pair of speakers to it. Both amps are connectable via USB to my laptop. They're ver versatile. I wonder though with the Chinese manifacturing if I'm getting the best performance and sound quality. I;m looking at the Woo Audio 6. Any thoughts or ideas would greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris.
  2. SanJoseCanJunkie
    The Woo6 is definitely an improvement over the EF2, but whether or not it is worth the extra cost to you, or worth it with whatever headphones you use, I can't say.
    I know nothing about the Sweet Peach, other than it has a neat name.

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