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Woo Amps have seduced me!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by icenine2, Aug 25, 2010.
  1. Icenine2
    I appreciate tube design but passed on what always struck me as possibly noisy and finicky pieces to own.  After having looked at the latest Woo Black Beauty by musicman59 here I read up on these..........then looked............then starred..........!!!!!!!!!!!  Just beautiful.  Plus the workmanship, no noise, and I'll trust everyone w/incredible sound.
    Now what to do.  I've been reading much to decide between a Burson HA 160 and Meier Concerto and then finally deciding on the Concerto.  Now I'm looking at these.  The 5 LE is what I want but my budget will only allow the 6 E at this point unless someone wants to trade for my custom Modulus 12 String electric guitar.  http://s698.photobucket.com/albums/vv349/KDIcenine/?firstLogin=true  Now I have to read for the next week on the Woo.
  2. Skylab Contributor
    Keith, PM me, and you can listen to the Concerto and the WA6 at my place, and then decide.
  3. stang
    What a nice offer, Skylab.
    I would love to hear a Woo Audio amp some day. Maybe at the next meet someone will have one...The WA5 looks fantastic, but the price...completely out of my budget for the next 10 years or so [​IMG]
  4. MarkJnK
    When I started here I went nuts trying to figure out the best combo fo rmy listening needs, went through several amps and about a dozen headphones.  Then through the luck of the sales forum, I was able to buy a used WA6SE to pair with my Beyer DT990/600 and Grado GS1000's, and I am happy.  I am totally satisfied and have stopped looking and just started to really listen and enjoy my set-up.  The WA6SE put a stop to the madness.  Woo will not disappoint, they may not be the most affordable, but they are a solid investment in listening, and hold their value very well, should the need arise to sell one.
  5. KingStyles Contributor
    The woo products are very nice to look at and they sound great too. If you want to spend less than 6 grand you may want to look at eddie currant. A different look but I think the sound quality will trump the woo. I havent heard the wa5 yet though.
  6. musicman59
    A friend from the forum who lives 1 mail from mee has the Zana Deux so I haev been fortunate to liste to it with my own headphones. I was very close to order one when I listen to the WA5-LE at the last Canjam.
    Being a SS guy most of my HiFi life with the exception of a little tour through the tubes world with a full Sonic Frontiers system (Line 2 preamp, SFD2 MkII DAC and pair of Power 3 monoblocks) I am used to that sound. My friends Zana is the new black version which is beatiful and sounded very very good but too tubey for my taste (myabe due to the tubes he likes). On the other hand the WA5-LE is fast and powerful like SS but with a touch of sweetnes and naturalness of the tubes so it suited a lot better my taste.
    Construction quality wise both are very well made but I give the edge to the Woo since the whole chasis is made out of aluminim compare to steel in the Zana.
    Just my opinion.
  7. Csericks


    Less than 6 grand????  My WA 6 is a killer amp for about 1/10th that.
  8. Icenine2
    After listening to Skylab's WA 6 I'll be a buyer.  My Grandfather was responsible for my audiophile addiction and he had McIntosh gear back in the day.  I"m sure he's smiling down on me from Heaven.  
    Mr. Audiophile who lives in my brain is checking out the WA 6E which I'm pretty sure will be the final with all the ad-on's too.  I love the two box look.  Way cool
  9. musicman59
    Congratulations Keith!
    I honestly think that's the way to go. I went full out (with the exception o fthe RK50 pot) and I am very happy with my decision.
  10. Gradofan2
    Wait 'till you hear it (WA6SE) with a good source, and almost any set of phones... but, especially "new" Senn HD580/600/650's, or Grado RS-1's... and the right tubes. 
    Pretty amazing!
  11. KingStyles Contributor
    The wa6 is a nice amp but I found it lacking when it came to powering the d7000. The wa6se did a little better job but still I think there are a lot better choises at the same price range to run the denons. 25 ohms is going to push most tube amps.
  12. Icenine2
    I listened to the Woo 6 through my AKG 701K's and then Skylab's T-1's (a big thanks).  AKG's really good and the T-1's fabulous.  I will be buying the T-1's as well.
  13. dannie01


    I used to own a WA6SE and paired with K701 and DX1000, both low impedence cans. The WA6SE drives both very well and with tons of power reserved, you will not regret with it.

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