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Wondering what earphones to get. Recomendations please. :)

  1. Komano
    So i was wondering what earphones i should get. I have a budget of about $200USD. I've been looking at the Etymotic mc3's and it has controltalk and i'm gonna be needing them but it's not a required feature at all. So i was wondering if you guys could recommend a earphone to get. I currently have the beats tours, the old ones ( not the new ones with the right angle jack) and i've been using it for about 1 and a half years now. The wire at the jack has torn a little so i'm abit annoyed at the build quality. Could you guys recommend me good earphones that are around this price range? (If they have detachable cables then its a plus) 
    Thanks :)
    200USD and below
    Good sound quality (outputting through a OPA2132PA and iPhone)
    Decent build quality
    ControlTalk (not required, but preferred.)
    Detachable cables (not required, but preferred.)
  2. yello131
    What type of sound signature you prefer?
    There are two types Balanced type and Dynamic. First one has more balanced and clear sound sig against Dynamic with more bass emphasize and larger sound stage.
    For BA there are quite few but I can recommend this few due to its popularity and good price: DBA-02, RE252.
    For Dynamic Radius DDM, HJE90, IE7.
    P.S.Check reviews on headfi, specially a post called "Multi IEM comparison thread " by ClioS. It is all written there
  3. Komano
    Actually. I honestly am not too sure. I listen mostly to pop music. J-pop, K-pop and Pop. Some rock songs. I think linkin park is classified as rock right? So yeah.  I will take a look at the thread. Thanks for the heads up.

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