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Wonderful HiFiMAN HE-6 / HE-500 amp - Trends TA-10.2SE w/ upgraded power supply - 6Moons award winner

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  1. amcananey
    For Sale
    In search of an amp for your HE-6s that:
       (a) doesn't cost as much as the $3,500 RSA Dark Star amp,
       (b) isn't the size of a small house, and
       (c) doesn't require you to visit flea markets searching for 1970s amplifiers that may or may not be in prime condition?
    I present to you the Trends TA-10.2SE, winner of a 6 Moons award for its prowess in driving full-size speakers. Yet this amp is the size of 2 ipod Classics stacked on top of each other. It will cost you less than 2 Benjamins. And it sounds absolutely phenomenal with HE-6s, with power and dynamics and mystery goodness to spare.
    I know, I know. An amp that costs less than a month's salary can't be any good, right? Check the reviews. The Trends TA-10.2 has won lots of awards, not just from 6 Moons. I've tried it with speakers -- it works very well indeed. But I think it works especially well with HE-6s. I'm not joking...it's a wonderful combo that needs to be heard to be believed.
    I also own an Emotiva mini-x a-100 and I like the Trends better: smaller, more efficient, easier to use and....it sounds better. I've even tried my HE-6s with my Vincent SV-236 Mk II amp, which puts 250 Watts into 4 Ohms and it didn't beat the Trends either.
    The Trends amp is in mint condition, comes with the original box, and the upgraded "SE" power supply.
    The listed price includes domestic shipping. I'm happy to ship abroad, but the buyer pays the cost of actual shipping. The price is net to me after any applicable fees.
    Finally, if you're interested, I can throw in a 4-pin XLR to speaker-amp adapter for $35.
    Best regards,
    P.S. The picture is a stock picture, but my amp looks identical -- mint!
  2. CEE TEE Contributor
    ^This amp with HE-6 BLEW MY MIND at the SoCal meet this year.
    $185 amp with used HE-6 = KILLER RIG.
    Massive Attack bass was unbelievable, BIG/Controlled.  Took a bit of edge off the upper mids peak of the HE-6 too.
    Yeah, I made Jude listen to this combo at the meet...
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