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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by gswpete, Jun 23, 2003.
  1. gswpete
    I bought a RioVolt SP100 mp3 player from Bryant. It was a very smooth transaction, he shipped the items very quickly and they were nicely packed. Thanks!
  2. greenhorn
    Wolfen68 is an *EXTREMELY* nice and reliable head-fier. The communication was perfect, he shipped very fast the item I bought from him and the package he made was *VERY* protective. I would not hesitate for a second to buy again from him.


    Thanks, wolfen68! [​IMG]
  3. Jeff Guidry
    Purchased his SR60's and Senn pads. Fast shipping, friendly service. Recommended.
  4. shymog
    I purchased a pair of Shure E2s from wolfen68. He shipped very quickly, and the item arrived exactly as described. I was very pleased with the transaction.
  5. Touring1 Contributor
    I purchased a pair of Shure e3c's from Bryant. Excellent transaction, shipped quickly and as described. I'd recommend him without reservation.
  6. comabereni Contributor
    Sold Bryant a Headsave Go-Vibe. He sent a check as promised and was very easy to communicate with. Friendly and positive transaction.

    Thanks Bryant!
  7. matthew-s
    Just unpacked the (nicely packed) SR-225's Bryant sold me. Everything was exactly as advertised. Bryant kept in regular contact throughout the entire transaction, which was very reassuring.

    Thanks Bryant!

  8. deaconblues
    Bryant bought my HF-1, and it's been a pleasure doing business with him. He even went out of his way and created a paypal account. Great head-fier [​IMG]
  9. gtortorella
    Fast payment and excellent communication--an great transaction. I would highly recommend dealing with this fine Head-fi member.
  10. deaconblues
    This time I'm the buyer. He shipped out the SR-325i extremely fast, and I'm once again enjoying the Grado sound as I type this [​IMG]
  11. djbnh
    Purchased a HeadRoom Headcase headphone bag from Wolfen68. Very good communication and packaging from this gentleman, with the item being as described. A no-stress transaction all around, and I would not hesitate to purchase from him again.
  12. robster
    Bryant is truely a great assett to this hobby and forum,for free of charge he replaced the battery in my H140 player,since I'm a klutz. He shipped it back the next day and did a great job for FREE!! and has been EXTRTEMELY helpful answering my questions and giving me advice. He's truley a very good and kind person,passing along good karma.
    I salute Bryant,he's a class act fellow.

  13. jarman Contributor
    I purchased a beautiful Headphile-modded HF-1 from Bryant. A real pleasure to do business with. He kept me updated each step of the way, and the phones were very well packaged for shipping, always a plus. Absolutely a highly recommended head-fier!


  14. J-Pak
    I sold Bryant my AKG K701. Through a huge mistake on my part with shipping, it arrived much slower than it should have but Bryant was completely understanding and kept in touch with me the whole time.
  15. Claus1100xx
    Wolfen bought my RS-1. Absolutely flawless transaction. Payment was immediate and communication was great throughout. Would not hesitate to do business with him again.

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