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  1. warp08
    I had this just lying around, never used.  Installed two fresh 9V batteries, but I have too many portable amps and this never saw any action, still back in the box.  Condition 10/10 (new).  
    $89 shipped via PP gift within CONUS vs. $149 to $189 sale price on this unit.
    Factory specifications:
    1. Frequency response.dB 20hz-40khz +-0.05dB
    2. Noise level,dBA >100dB
    3. Dynamic range,dBA >100dB
    4. THD,% >102dB
    5. Stereo crosstalk,dB>105dB
    6. POWER 32ohm >1.8W
    7. Magnification 20dB
    It's a little bigger than an iPod Touch and can reportedly drive both IEMs and larger cans as well for about 20 hours on 2x9V batteries.  Overall, size is roughly similar to the RSA SR71A.
  2. warp08
    Additional pictures, retail pricing and pics can be found here.
  3. warp08
  4. warp08
    Price dropped
  5. rtop2
    How would this drive some grado SR225i's?
  6. warp08
    I don't own Grados, but I'd be surprised if it didn't have plenty of power to handle those.  If you're interested to try them out you can send it back within 3 days of receipt in the same condition and original packaging and I'll refund your money minus shipping.
  7. rtop2
    Hmm, thanks for the offer, I will get back to you about these in a couple days, (my grados have not come in yet) so I am not sure about it yet, but if you still have this then I will most likely jump on um. :)
  8. ccklone
    Hey Now,
    I have the same amp and have used them with my Grado SR60s with no problem. It can get way too loud. For the price it is a pretty good sounding amp. Good luck on the sale.
    Finest kind,
  9. warp08
    up for a steal of an amp
  10. warp08
  11. warp08
    2 new pictures added
  12. warp08
    bump, open to reasonable offers close to the asking price
  13. beachgeek
    Is this a class T amp?  How did it sound?
  14. warp08
    Not sure if it's class T or not, but I seriously doubt you'll find anything anywhere near this price, especially brand new.  Very good quality amp.
  15. beachgeek
    That sure seems like a great price. Can you give an idea on how they sound?

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