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WITHDRAWN Violectric HPA V100 amp

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  1. Geezer Rock 001
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    For sale the gateway amp into the powerful and musical Violectric/Lake People line of headphone amplifiers, the HPA V100. I bought this amp to try out the Violectric house sound. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to move up to a V200.

    The Violectric amps have many premium features built into the amp. From the sturdy metal case, volume pot, dual headphone out jacks and the electrical internals. It has a neutral sound with excellent definition and separation. It has tons of power and it drives my LCD3 s like no other amp has done before. I would think that would be the case for any planar as well. It also has four gain adjustments to allow you to fine tune the amp for each headphone or even iems.

    Here is an excellent review on the V100 that will give you more information.


    The price is $400 shipping and fees included for a US buyer. I will ship it to other countries if the buyer agrees to pick up the additional fees, etc.

    Violectric is not a big name in the US...Yet. This amp can rock your world with either planar or dynamic headphones. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.


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  2. Geezer Rock 001
    Saturday bump for a new home^
  3. Geezer Rock 001
    Wednesday bump. This thing rocks!
  4. Geezer Rock 001
  5. Geezer Rock 001
    Bu y me please and be sure and ask about the Sparkos op amps that kick the V100 performance into V200 territory at less than 1/2 the price.
  6. bequietjk
  7. Geezer Rock 001
    Sunday bump. Boxed and ready to ship.
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