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[withdrawn]FS: minty AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-M50's worldwide paypal included **hi-res pix**

  1. smallcaps
    no longer for sale, sorry!

    Up for sale are these minty AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-M50's in great condition both physically and audibly. Comes with coiled cable, stock bag and plug adapter. These cans are great for lugging around and are closed, provide good isolation and minimal sound leakage. I've had them for about 6 months now but rarely use them as i have become accustomed to my earbuds and this reflects in their condition. they have about 70+ hours burn-in and have begun to open up quite nicely.

    also for sale:

    Please check my sig for feedback and thanks for visiting.


    Asking for WITHDRAWN shipping and paypal fees included worldwide
    Please feel free to PM if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks.
  2. smallcaps
  3. smallcaps
    price drop!
  4. smallcaps
  5. saisunil Contributor
    These are reference level phones - Grammy winner audio engineers use them for their recording and mixing ...
    Ok these are not as transparent as the best phone - they don't have huge soundstage like some other mega expesive phones

    The tone is right and they are mostly uncolored.
    What they do have is fair amount of isolation and you can knock them around without being worried.

    I have one and I use them more than any other phones ...

    Good Luck to both seller and buyer

  6. smallcaps
    thanks saisunil and bump!

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