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**WITHDRAWN** FS: Final Audio B1 (DD + BA) Hybrid

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  1. TooPoorForHiFi
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Looking for a quick sale, In great condition. I have about 48 Hours of Burn-In with about 8 Hours of Listending. Reason for Selling is that something about it doesn't Click with me, Maybe its the fitting. I'm not sure. Here's a Describsion of the B1 from Final Audio.

    • B1 is a model designed with particular emphasis on proximity of sound and sense of reality. In music represented by animation soundtracks, recordings make the proximity of sound more conspicuous. For this type of music recording, the B1 has been designed to achieve playback more consistent with the balance of sound as created by the engineer.
    There's a few Reviews out there if you need more info.

    • US Only, Paypal to Confirmed Address.
    • Effect Audio Cable ARE NOT INCLUDED with this Sale.
    • Tips and Cable are never used.
    • Shipping & Paypal Fees are covered by Me.
    • Price: Asking $650
    Any Questions feel free to PM me.

    20190722_223548.jpg 20190722_223639.jpg 20190722_223809.jpg
Thread Status:
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