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With $700, what should I buy?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kazeng, Dec 22, 2012.
  1. KazeNg
    Hi everyone, can you guys help me decide a combo of headphone with amp/dac with the budget of $700? Most of the time I listen to J-Pop and classical music. A little bit rock sometimes, but not much. I like something that is detailed and has good imaging.
    Edit: my source is the macbook pro.
  2. talisman42
    grado rs1i :)
  3. KazeNg
    $700 for both the headphone and the amp/dac. The Grado RS1 alone costs $695 (Amzon price) :frowning2:(
  4. syryanyang
    O2+ODAC for amp and dac
    Too many choices for headphones: K/Q 70X, HD600/650, Mad dogs, 325i, AD900x, the list goes on and on
  5. Dubstep Girl
    O2 + DAC or that new schiit amp/dac stack for 200$ 
    headphones could be sennheiser hd 600s or maybe beyer dt 880/990, 600 ohm versions
  6. Peculier
    I'd say wait a bit for reviews on the Schiit stack, as they could possibly be great value for money at 200 bucks.. for headphone you may want to consider the HE-400 or the DT880 600 ohm.
  7. MattTCG
    1. For an open setup consider: 
    2. For a closed setup:
    *Schitt Stack
  8. McPatD
    When taken out of context all this Maddog Schitt stack talk is really funny!
    Jabse likes this.
  9. l0rdr0ck
    Don't box yourself in. Spend the money in the right places.
    Lets do a Closed Setup that I would be happy with.
    Mr Speakers Maddogs 299!!!  (God I love these headphones)
    Schiit Modi 99 
    Project Sunrise 199  (Compares very well to Lyr) http://www.head-fi.org/t/637092/project-sunrise-vs-little-dot-mk-iii
    That will be one kick ass rig.  If you wanted to be cool you could even get the ODAC pcb board and build it directly
    into the Sunrise.
  10. obobskivich
    Koss ESP/950, Grado RS-1i, Kenwood KH-K1000. The importance of "DAC" is massively over-stated and over-blown, as is the need for expensive amplification.
  11. KazeNg
    Thanks for all of your recommends. I read some review about those headphones you guys mentioned and found that HE 400 might be the one for me. However, what amp should I pair up with it? Is a Fiio E17 good enough? I still have $300 after purchasing the HE 400, so anything better than the E17?
    Again, thanks.
  12. obobskivich

    The E9 is more robust. If you're running this through a PC there's always the "amp soundcards," and the Musical Fidelity V-CAN-II is a very nice piece of kit for $200. :)
  13. MattTCG
    I like the e17 fine for the he400. Gives you hardware EQ, three levels of gain and is also a nice portable. [​IMG]
  14. KazeNg
    Hmm, the Fiio E17 sounds good. However, have anyone tried pairing the HE400 with the O2/ODAC yet?
  15. abcd
    You take a **** schiit stack, a **** schiit stack!

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