Wishbone Ash . . . . often overlooked, but none-the-less great
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Aug 22, 2004
Progressive Rock/Art Rock, rock with blues and some jazz influences, dueling lead guitars accompanied by melodic bass, this is Wishbone Ash. Unfortunately they were never mainstream in the US and thus overlooked by most.

As one of the many bands that has been in my collection since forever it seems, Wishbone Ash often lies neglected in some dark dusty corner of my mind for long periods of time. But also like a number of others, when they do see some playtime I am always delighted with what I hear and wonder why I have not played them more.

Not all their songs or albums are great, who's are? But they have a style I like. Actually, perhaps it's more of a formula than a style.
They used to be billed as "The band with 2 lead guitars", and at the time that was rather unique. Their standard formula is to each have a part of the song to play lead, then either alternating leads playing off each other, or layering their leads and interweaving them.

Wishbone Ash's biography on All Music

Their early "Pilgrimage" album as well as the 1973 album "Wishbone Four" were highly acclaimed and with good reason. 1973's "Live Dates" is also good if you like live performances.
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Apr 19, 2005
As a young guy (currently in college) who loves and almost exclusively listens to classic rock, I had never even heard of this band. After reading your description I checked them out on Amazon and was very pleasantly surprised with the samples they provided. Later today I plan on going out and getting "Wishbone Four" and "Argus". I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to a band that seems very good.

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