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WireWorld Platinum Eclipse 8 1m pair RCA interconnects

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  1. Vangelis
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    8AFA81F2-BAD6-42F0-B596-3DDC23164955.png I don’t think I can add more praise on the performance of Wireworld Platinum cables beyond what has already been pretty well-documented.

    I Purchased these Platinum Eclipse 8 1 meter RCA cables as I thought it was moving to single ended preamp and amp, I went a different direction, hense, these Platinum 8 one meter single ended (RCA) cables are for sale. The cables are only 6 months old and have been handled with TLC in a humidity controlled, pet, smoke and wife free man cave. I am the first and only owner and was purchased from an authorized dealer. I will be replacing these with World Platinum 8 balanced for the new system because I have not heard a finer sounding interconnect or perhaps an interconnect that sounds as close to nothing.

    I have HeadFi feed back but you can also review my 18yrs of strong Audigon feedback member 5560.
    These Platinum cables list at $3000. I am asking 1695.00 Sorry, sale limited to US lower 48 states.

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  2. Vangelis

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