Wirelessly link Amazon 7 Fire tablet with Arcam Solo Neo?
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May 27, 2020
Hi All,

I'm sure this issue is relatively common but I am not familiar enough with the terminology to find the answer by searching the forum, so thanks in advance for any wisdom:

Basic issue:
What is the highest quality method or device, costing less than £100/$150USD, to wirelessly connect an Amazon Fire 7 tablet to a hifi unit?

My dad is not particularly technologically-inclined but was sick of changing CD's due to mobility issues, so he purchased an Amazon Fire 7 tablet and a Home Spot bluetooth receiver. He also subscribed to Amazon Music as his source of music media. He plugged the Home Spot bluetooth receiver in to an aux port on his hifi, an Arcam Solo Neo, and the system works, but has two main issues:
1. The sound quality is noticeably reduced compared to CDs.
2. The bluetooth signal is unstable. The connection drops with unacceptable frequency and can be fiddly to recover.

I would really like to help him out, and do so in an affordable way, costing £100/$150USD. I'm sure that somewhere out there is a device and/or software option that will allow reliable, better quality streaming from the Amazon Fire 7 to the Arcam Solo Neo. I am aware that not all bluetooth signals are equal quality, but there does not seem to be a way of adjusting this on the tablet or the Home Spot. I believe the original networked streaming that the Arcam Solo Neo originally featured is now no longer supported and would not solve the problem anyway, so I am treating the Arcam as purely an amplifier. But what to plug in to it? Is there a stable way of using the wireless network from my Dad's home braodband to connect the audio output from the tablet, to a wireless receiver the can sit on the amp? In an ideal world it should be possible to stream high quality (better than bluetooth) music from any device on the wifi network without needing to save/store that music in a specific app first, and with minimal dropped signals. I appreciate that using multiple devices, and/or turning devices off/on may require some occasional setup steps, but I want to keep these to the absolute minimum, so Dad can just tun on the tablet, press play on Amazon Music, and get good quality sound from his hifi setup.

Please let me know your suggestions. Any help much appreciated!

(Cornwall, UK)

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