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Wireless sport earbuds recommendations

  1. mopar67
    So I'm sure this question has been brought up a million times... "What are a good pair of wireless earbuds?" My question is slightly more specific. I've tried a couple cheap pairs, I picked up a pair of JBL Everest 110s for $50 (half off) and returned them them the next day. I'm looking for a pair of wireless earbuds (truely or corded, preferably truely) but I don't want to spend more then 150. Now I've found a refurbished pair of the Sony SP700N for 80 dollars from an Amazon prime certified store. If that's gonna be my best bang for my buck, stop reading here. If you have another opinion, I'll elaborate... I don't feel the technology is there. That being said, I'm coming from using pretty much only Sennheisers for years. I got a pair of earbuds back about 10+ years ago. An ex bought me a pair over nice over ears about 7 years ago. And about 2 years ago I picked up some open back HD598's which are incredible. That being said, I just really want good sound and to be able to use my Google assistant. I also Mountain bike, I'm not stunt jumping, but I also don't want them falling out over rocky terrain. I'm not against Bose, I do think they can be overrated, if you feel I'm wrong, please correct me. I got my HD598s on a recommendation through here. Any help is deeply appreciated. If you have read this far, thank you for you time! Hope to hear some good responses. Thanks guys.

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