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Wireless or Wired Earphones under $35

  1. Elijah369
    I was considering KZ AS06, KZ ZS7 and CCA C10. I almost bought the CCA C10 but saw wireless QCY QS2, Rockspace EB30, Haylou GT1 and Mifa x1.

    I have 30 bucks to throw away since I can't go through the trouble of replacing them once they're delivered. So I'd appreciate it if anyone can recommend me something. I don't mind if it's wired or not but the tws ones look good at that price
  2. So.Seven
    Of those you listed, KZ is the most prominently well known and popular so it must be for a reason (I think?).

    However, a big however, is that I would recommend saving up instead and get higher tier IEMs because otherwise it's a slippery slope because you'll eventually want to upgrade for sure anyway lol...
  3. Renamed Ed
    I am pretty new to this, have a few iems. Happen to be listening to the c10 now. Pretty good sound for the money. A bit bass heavy but depending on your taste that may be a good thing. In my experience cheap wireless have very poor sound quality.
  4. marka250
    I rek Drop EDC!

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