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Wireless or detachable cable IEMs under $500

  1. N.F.H.
    Hey everyone, recently my xba40ip passed away and i decided to get new ones. So I want to buy wireless earphones but dont know which ones are good. Also, if there is no good bluetooth option, it might be with detachable cable. Considering Shure SE425 but reviews say they have weak bass, so im not sure about the Shure. Found another two options which are wired Westone um pro 30 and Campfire Orion.

    Budget is maximum $500, source - iPhone.
    I usually like precise sounding headphones thats why i picked quad balanced amateur headphones previously, but for outside listening i like good bass. Also i listen mainly to 24/48 or 16/48khz lossless files.
    Preferred Music - everything except pop e.g. metal, jazz, blues, electro, underground, rap etc...
    Past headphones - XBA-40ip Quad Balanced Armature, Oppo pm3 (currently own). The only disadvantage of xbas was the cable, it was just terrible.
  2. serman005
    I really like the Orion.

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