Wireless Open Back Headphones
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Jul 31, 2015
I'm looking for open back wireless headphones.

I do sales from a home office and have a desk full of IP phones and using my Senn HD 4.40BT's, even with the phone ringer turned up to max, I may miss call. open back are what I'm used to and I prefer their sound stage, but in this case, they'll also let me hear my surroundings much better. sound bleed isn't an issue since it's my home office.

I would like something of quality...if such an option exists as I have the HE-3xx and HE-4xx as well as the Stax SR-2170's. I much prefer the 4xx over the 3xx and I use the SR-2170's when I'm feeling in the mood for classical, instrumental or some opera. I lust for a pair of LCD2's...but for now, wireless open back headphones with a neutral profile or midly bassy as I do love to listen to my 90's dance music (this beat is Technotronic!).

what are my options?
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Grado makes an open backed wireless...I haven't heard them, so I don't know how classically "Grado" they sound, but they are the only open backed bt I can think of.
They might work for you aesthetically, but not sonically? I love my Grados, but not for anything as 'digital' and bassy as 90's dance music. Grados are good for Rock: guitars and vocals .. JJ Cale, Clutch, the Black Keys but, not Bel Biv DeVo and C+C Music Factory.
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thanks for that CL.

just to throw a curve, is there such a thing as open back earbuds? if so, are there any wireless models?

was reading a review on top open back headphones and in the honorable mentions they listed the Air Pod 2's. no idea if they really are open, but if they are, hmmm!
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Grado has just came out with a open back wireless haven’t heard them yet but will this weekend at CanJam SoCal. The Audeze is the Mobius . Audeze also makes open back planar in ears.

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