Wireless Headphones
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Jan 28, 2007
So I've searched the forum for wireless headphones and I didn't find much...

Anyways, I want some wireless headphones. I've already looked at wired headphones, in-ears and the such and I'm planning on buying some V-modas or JBL 220s soon.

I want some wireless headphones so I don't get tangled up while doing things like running and jumping around and dancing and stuff...

I've heard that wireless headphones give crap sound quality but has anybody actually tried this out? I don't want stories YOU heard, I want stories from YOU so it's more authentic and stuff lol. What would you all prefer with wireless headphones?

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Jun 22, 2001
Unfortunately, most wireless headphones are ill-suited to portable use: If you carry your Zune or ZVM with you, you will likely have no way at all whatsoever to power the wireless headphone's transmitter. Those transmitters require a long-term (semi-permanent) connection to an AC wall outlet, and they also have an overly short cord, limiting those wireless headphones to stationary home use. And when you use your portable player, you will almost always be located extremely far away (i.e. several hundred yards) from the nearest AC outlet.

And I have extensively listened to most of the wireless headphones under $100 (from Sony, RCA and AR): None of them sound any better than a $30 pair of wired headphones.

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