Wireless earphone (TWS) around 70 USD
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Feb 18, 2016
i need wireless earphone under or around 70 USD that compatible with IOS and WINDOWS. i've watched some youtube and recommendation about 1MORE stylish, sabbat e12 ULTRA, and creative outlier air. which one do you guys recommend?
or do you guys have any other recommendation for that price? what about jabra elite 65t and havit g1pro?
i was going to buy 1more stylish, but it can't control the volume. so i hesitate. but if it's worth it then i'll buy it.
mainly i'll use this earphone for listening to music. i listen to everything except hardrock or metal
Are wireless earphones sound quality worse than wired earphone? what about comparison between 1more stylish and lets say hi1200. are there that much differences?
i have takstar pro80 for now and i've been using it for 4 years but its too big to bring around outside.
thanks in advance

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