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Wireless Bass Headphone Recommendations

  1. ROIDmonkey
    Just a quick post here - need advice.

    Ok, so, while I have HD650s and TH-900s for home use, my current portable cans (for gym, library studying, etc) are the Sennheiser HD4.50BTNC.

    While they’re great overall headphones, I recently ****ed them up, so, I’m looking at a new pair of cans.

    1. Good audio (if you suggest beats I will block you) - I don’t expect them to be able to match the TH900s but the closer they are, the better.

    2. BASS (if you suggest skullcandy I will block you) - firstly, I don’t mean the “vibrates like an actual vibrator so you can’t hear any music” bass, the potency of bass can easily be regulated with an EQ.

    I’m specifically looking for sub-bass. So for example one of my favourite sub-bass testing songs is Lost by Gorilla Zoe. When listening to it, the bass shouldn’t be a buzz like on most cans. It should be a mostly physical, earthquake vibration bass. While also being controlled, and not intruding onthe rest of the song.

    3. Would be great if it’s wireless. If not, at least being able to run it off of my smartphone w no amp would be great.

    Huge thanks in advance.

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