Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing)
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Hi, mythless, cyberidd told me that u have a t50p?
actualy, before cyberidd tell me that, i was tring 2 buy either t50p or esw9 for my portable's. However, I decided to buy an esw9 (thinking it might be more suitable for my music preference tho)
hopefuly I would have chance to test ur t50p :p
For amp and dac, I may gonna buy sac k1000 or musical fidelity m1 for my K701 when i back to my country, and ill be glad to bing 'em to meet after I bring 'em here.
btw, im looking for a portable amp for my esw9.
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yep I got the T50P.  Great for rock and fast paced music.  Good for slow too and very interesting spacial sensation.  The ESW9 didn't really need any amplifier if I remember correctly.  The only portable amplifiers I would recommend is the Pico Slim and Headstage Arrow.  Both cost a pretty high penny but well worth the value.  I didn't know they still made the SAC K1000 amps.  I would think the K701 would do much better with a warmer/smoother sounding amplifier.
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A turntable set up for your Mom??? Where did you find the room? When you set up a vinyl rig for your cat we're going to have to take you for some counselling young man!! David, did you see there was a V15 on EB that looked like it might go for a reasonable price, but went to $120 in the last seconds. Drat. The guy with the Ortofon Red seems to still have it, but after our chat I'm on the fence about that one. What did you set up for your Mom?
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Well, I got a spare turntable for my mom, Taya DP-550.  I just need a receiver and speakers.  A guy is selling a pair of EPI 100 and an Aurex receiver for 100 but price is negotiable.  EPI 100 from what I've read are great speakers and the receiver, even though it is 35wpc, Aurex was Toshiba's high end audio line.  EPI when refoamed and depending on condition can generally sell for $80.  And these are refoamed.  Haha, the set up will be in the family room upstairs, so I want to have a receiver, better reception up there than the basement.  EPI speakers are on my hunt list right now.  Burhoe Winslow, you are a speaker guru.
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EPI, wasn't it the Energy speakers you were after? Burhoe. 
Feb 15, 2011 at 8:08 PM Post #458 of 4,169
Those were sold.  I was on the fence on that one since the tweeters are known to crap out and repairs will run you $110 each from energy, and for a $150 speakers (and that's cheap) it's really not worth the trouble.  I'm happy with the speakers I have, they're tough to beat!
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Hey, Im very interested in Winnipeg meet. I wonder when is next meet coming up?
btw, Im new here, and just purchased an akg k701 last month(but i dont have amp and dac yet), also waiting for esw9 which I ordered from amazon today.
(have to burn 2 cans for next 2 months ;-/)
Plz excuse my poor English, I have only been in Canada for 2 yrs as an international student, and nice 2 meet u guys. :-D

yey yoya, do you go to U of M? I saw a kid with S4i's in the library today and took note of it.
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Just throwing this down so we have it. Here's my compiled list of Winnipeg people...
acidbasement; ajm; headcred; takaji; mythless; sennheisermiser; lwc726; cyberidd; awah; trapper32; theblackfox; pincher; hotaudio40; orkney; dahan; aqsw; sckeith; JFroese; deeplogic; Vault101; SVC52; Ckaz; yoyea; panda-R; DigitalFreak
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Hello fellow peggers I'm new on here

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Good to see I'm not the only guy in Wpg whose into headphones. I was starting to think I was Wpg's audio nut version of the last man on earth. In any case nice to meet you guys and thanks for the welcoming words.

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