Wing Acoustics acousticWING zero-resonance driver
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The Wing Acoustics ZRAs are quite decent, sound pretty good, nice to see a 'more affordable option' though for the price range, there are plenty of options.

Just curious, why are you posting this in the headphone section?

Hope you are enjoying the hifi show, it's very relaxing this year.

Hope you have a great day !
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Production unit is about the size of a small AMT tweeter

Technology of the show went to another Kiwi brand, Wing Acoustics who presented the Wing Zero loudspeaker featuring the company’s own unique high frequency driver. The new ‘tweeter’ for want of a better word is named the acousticWING and it’s a ‘wing-flapping’, magnet-held, wide bandwidth, zero resonance distortion driver that looks like no other. The scope of this article is way too limited to fully explain the quite cunning principles at play but do visit the company’s website to get the low-down on a remarkable new driver technology.

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