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  1. nkk
    21 in the US. 18 or 19 in Canada depending on the state. Europe ranges from none to 5 to 16, with up to 18. Also, they many countries have different ages to be served in a pub/bar versus drinking in private versus purchasing a bottle.

    Why do you ask?


    PS: Still looking for that article.

    EDIT: Found. He was a wine taster/writer/whatever, not a vineyard owner. Here it is:
  2. the wizard of oz
    In whites, Burgundy Chassagne-Montrachet or Puligny-Montrachet 2008 are proving to be delicious... So were the Alsace 2008 Gewürztraminer a couple of years ago, so I guess that was to be expected... Ah, also look out for 2009 Bordeaux Graves; the reds are more common, but certain whites are really amazing.
    Reds, I haven't gone beyond the Bordeaux Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2009 so far, although I have some Gevrey-Chambertin that will probably make me become a complete lover of Burgundy, not only for whites.
  3. jodgey4
    I've got family in Napa/Sonoma that does some nice Cabernet. Best I've had was a Deep Red from Austria... 2007 maybe?
  4. the wizard of oz
    Tasted yesterday some Coteaux du Languedoc 1996, Domaine Peyre Rose, Clos Syrah Leone. Amazing.


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