Windows 10 Schiit MODI Drivers?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by donunus, Jul 29, 2015.
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  1. sloanb
    Just received my Modi 2 multi-bit and have been experiencing the same types of problems. Oddly enough Windows 10 reconizes my DAC and appears to playback just fine even at 24/192 which is odd considering I thought it was limited to 24/96 without the schiit drivers. Did Windows update to now support both USB 1 and 2 class audio and I didn't even realize it?

    Lastly sorry if a tad off topic but what is the best tool to check a DAC capability and print out the results using windows? Does such a thing exist?
  2. CT007
    Definitely try different cables, if it keeps disconnecting! That seems to have fixed it for me(on Win7). It's not a fancy cable, just one that happens to work. Old and gray. USB 2.0, p sure.
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  3. sloanb
    I was able to get it to work with the PYST cables. Also turns out you no longer need the Schiit drivers and they recommend using the built in as the full audio spectrum is now supported. Working like a champ and I'm impressed I must say.
  4. opa1
    I hope this is true. I just ordered the Modi multi two days ago. Windows 10 here too.
  5. sloanb
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  6. AudioPileUp
    Having my own issues now with a Modi 2U that I just bought second hand.

    Work computer is a Lenovo T460s laptop with i5 6300u processor, and running Windows 7 64 bit.

    Modi works fine on another computer, but on my work machine it installs "High Definition Audio Device" driver, but it says the Modi cannot start (Code 10).

    I've done a bunch of troubleshooting, but can't get the Schiit drivers to install, nor can I get rid of this Code 10. On Driver Software Installation, it always says Failed for status after trying to automatically install drivers from Windows.

    And when I try to install Schiit drivers, at the end it says " Unknown Error. The system has not been modified"

    Any suggestions?
  7. AudioPileUp
    Update: Tried 3 different windows 7 laptops at work, all the same issue.

    Seeing as it works fine on a mac, I guess I will try on windows 10 machine and see if it works there.

    If I can't get it sorted with windows 7, I could potentially use hdmi audio, and then use a splitter to split the audio to optical, and run optical to the Modi 2U. Any thoughts?
  8. AudioPileUp
    Update 2: Got it working. I needed to install the drivers from Schiit. They kept failing using the .exe, so ended up using device manager forced them to install, by going to pick my own driver, have disk, and then selecting the file.

    However, this still wasn't working. Turns out I had to kill Trend Micro Officescan Agent (which is on all our company computers) and then drivers installed fine, and now all good.
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  9. Neobenedict
    Instead of simply not working, windows 10 + usb 3 actually killed my gen 1 modi and it doesn't work on even windows 7 / usb 2 laptops any more.
  10. dwinnert
    I just got a Modi 2U and WASAPI Event would not work right in Foobar. Some songs were garbled/distorted with the standard Windows 10 drivers. Installing the drivers from Schiit solved it.
  11. Darkestred
    Hey. I know a little late here. Please try the following if you haven't (on windows 7). I had this same issue. Let me know if this works:

    Go to Device Manager and Right-Click the Modi
    Select update driver from the sub-menu
    Select Browse My Computer
    Select "Let me pick from a list"
    The next screen should show usb device select "Have Disk"
    Go to the windows 7 folder from the schiit download and select the driver folder
    Select the Cmedia file in the root
    You'll be prompted saying not to install. Select Yes/Ok.
    Select install on the unknown vendor

    this worked for me.
  12. AudioPileUp
    Thanks Darkestred.

    That is exactly what I ended up doing to get it work, with the added complication of having to kill one program running on my laptop (work computer).

  13. Darkestred
    Oh glad you figured it out. Albeit the harder route.

    Any time.
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