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Windows 10 Schiit MODI Drivers?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by donunus, Jul 29, 2015.
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  1. donunus
    My modi isn't working anymore now that I installed windows 10. I wonder if there is a driver I can force install to make my modi work again.
  2. donunus
    I got this reply from schiit....

    The original Modi does not have drivers, it should operate driverless. I would be sure it is still selected as your output device in both the OS and your playback software. In addition you can test the Modi with a USB 2.0 powered hub and also check that USB port power management is disabled in Windows 10.

    If you have not already update all your drivers.

    Nick T
    Schiit Tech

    Based on that, it seems no drivers were changed but it is not working on windows 10 regardless of turning off all power management options for everything that has an option under device manager and power options.

    I wonder what the OEM driver for the modi was and whether I can force install it. Plugging the USB cable on all ports don't seem to help either. I also tried removing all USB related stuff on the device manager, restarted, and still no cigar. Hope someone can help.
  3. donunus
    I need to try a USB hub but I am seriously doubting that it is the issue. Can someone chime in with their experience with the modi and windows 10?
  4. donunus
    and by the way, its not even showing up anywhere in device manager or under the sound drivers.
  5. Invalidated
    Don't think this will help, but I'm using both the modi and windows 10 atm, and they're working fine
  6. h2on0
    I have the same problem with my modi in windows 7. I have an i7 3770k and an i5 3570k and the modi is not recognized by either. However it is recognized on my i7 920 based computer and a laptop with a amd CPU/GPU. I was able to reinstall windows and it would be recognized right away, but when updated by windows update it would cease to function. I narrowed it down to the last 30 updates, but just gave up. I am currently using a focusrite scarlett 2i4 as my DAC.
    I was looking forward to windows 10 thinking my modi might start working again. With your results...
    I tried everything to get it working;
    1. I used a powered usb hub(2 different ones)
    2. Everything you tried with regards to delete and reinstalling all usb drivers including the 3.0 driver.
    3 I tried a dozen different bios' for gigabyte ud5h motherboard.
    4. I tried different video card drivers for my amd 7970.
    5. I tried a usb cable that has a powered portion to it. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812296181
    6. Powering all the way then unplugging computer/ removing battery on motherboard.
    7. Tried these:
    Pretty much at my wits end, so I just gave up.
    Even though the focusrite is for recording audio the DAC in it seems to be as good as the one in the modi.
    I would be interested to know what your computer specs are to see if it is the same as me with a i7 3700 cpu. Oh and just to add a little bit more info the i7 3570k has a nvidia 660 in it.
  7. cel4145
    Have you tried everything here:
  8. h2on0
    Basically, schiit(schiit jokes never get old).  LOL. They recommend trying on a different computer to see if it works(modi) which it does so I'm gonna go out on a limb a say my problem is a windows driver/update issue.
    OP's results may be different.
  9. Oklahoma
    Currently using my modi on windows 10 with no issues.  The original modi and the modi 2 in easy mode are both driverless and use windows generic audio driver built into windows.  If you are using a modi 2 in advanced mode it requires a dedicated driver; if this is the case check and make sure it didn't get screwed up in the 10 install.
  10. donunus
    It now works with a USB hub. The sound is slightly less dynamic though maybe due to power degradation. I'll buy a powered hub and see what happens.
  11. donunus
    Ok now that the MODI already worked with a regular (non-powered) USB hub, I decided to buy a powered hub to increase or improve the power. I'm back to the same issue again. Attached are some screenshots. I would be fine with the regular hub except it doesn't sound as good as it did without any hub connected at all which is why I got the powered hub. Any Ideas?
  12. donunus
    Oh, whats nuts is that I connected the non powered hub to the powered hub and It works. It sounds better that way vs just using the non-powered hub alone.  I really don't understand why it needs the non-powered hub in the chain to work though. Very WEIRD!
  13. Oklahoma
    Are you using it on a usb 3 port?  Many people have reported issues using it on a usb 3 port as it is expecting 2 way communication but the modi doesn't really talk back to the computer. Many hubs are only usb 2 and so they force the devices after the hub to be usb 2 and not 3.  While it says USB3 is backwards compatible with USB2 for some reason in audio it is really hit or miss on that.
  14. donunus
    yes its a usb 3 port. only problem is, it wont work on the usb 2 port as well. this config right now is fine so far
  15. donunus
    and it stopped working again 
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