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  1. protoss

    Btw in my original post. I mention that the Susvara is super light and comfy. Right here anyone can easily come to the conclusion that the Susvara is a sure winner. Plus it looks unique. The He1000 was a unique looking headphone and the Susvara is just a copycat from that. So there's 3 plus for the Susvara right there. And this might convince a lot of outsiders and some members here.

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  2. Whitigir
    There is no doubt 009 is top of the game, especially with KG amps. I also has no doubt about Utopia being the best dynamic headphones, and lately a friend also has his hand on one of the most unique amp that can drive Utopia to it utmost performances, he also confirmed that Utopia is by far the best dynamic as of yet. Back on the SusVara, the build alone should make it shy away in front of the Utopia. Now, if anyone believe pricing has anything to do with a Headphones performances, be it. Once we are into things that cost thousands*.....Headphones alone is no longer your only priority. If you believe that you can have a 6K SusVara and plug it into your iPad to have Heavenly voices, then be it....wait, Utopia is actually great out of an iPad though....only that it reveals so much errors from the iPad itself, but DAP is better
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  3. Guidostrunk
    The thing I always ask myself with these insanely priced cans is. Are they 600 to 1200% better in sound than what I already own.
    I paid $525 for the current 560's that I have, and have already chosen it over more expensive cans.
    Given the price of the Susvara. Would I get a 1200% increase in SQ , over the 560's, for 6K?
    These prices just seem utterly ridiculous anymore. I also believe that diminishing returns kicks in hard once you pass the $1000 threshold.
    I'm sure we'll see the Susvara being dumped on here at half price , one year from now. Just like all the other Hifiman cans.

    Just one mans opinion here.
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  4. SomeGuyDude
    Wrong question to ask. The increase isn't linear. Even $200 headphones aren't 200% as good as $100 headphones. You can't even quantify that. What does "twelve times better" mean?
  5. Dobrescu George
    Absolutely correct.

    What even is better after all? What if more expensive doesn't result in more fun for everyone?

    I'm enjoying both 600$ and 3000$ setups, signatures, and things that every setup does are too diverse for something to be quantifiable with simple percentages.

    Maybe the resolution definition of things is quantifiable, but that doesn't tell the whole story, when there are hundreds of signatures out there.
  6. Guidostrunk
    Ok. Let me simplify my post for you. The Susvara will cost me 12 times more than what I paid for my 560's, and 6.5 times more if I bought them now at retail. That's a 650 to 1200% increase in cost.
    So..... does that result in a 650% to 1200% increase in better sound?
    I don't think "12 times better" exists. That's my point.
  7. leeperry
    Eagerly awaiting the next $12K Hifiman flagship now, I know you can do it so I'll keep waiting [​IMG]
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  8. fiascogarcia
    I'm certain they'll be eager to have a giveaway contest when that happens!
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  9. SomeGuyDude
    The problem is that just because it's not "12 times better" doesn't mean it's not worth the price. I'm not speaking in defense of the Sus itself, but I can't act like my LCD-X is 5.7x "better" than my HD650s, but I don't regret buying it in the slightest. An nVidia 1080 Ti costs nearly twice a 1070, but it absolutely doesn't benchmark twice as good.

    As price goes up, the gap between products gets smaller. The main thing is that the further up the chain you go, the harder it is to get what those products offer. Once you're at TOTL level (Susvara/Utopia/LCD-4), you're not getting anything better. It's not going to be a linear relationship between price and quality increase, but it will be a quality increase that you can't get elsewhere.
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  10. Marburger
    the analogy with video cards is not quite right here. Coz a consumer knows in advance how much performance he gets in benchrmarks compared xyz. Since there are 1000x objective benchmark tools for videocards. But in a headphone world performance gains compared to 2x, 3x price to the privious model even more diffuse. Since performance of headphones partially rely on measurements but mostly on reviewers, especially on those who have presence in head-fi community. So some companies "wink wink" can take advantage of this situation, give out their products to build a positive track in forums. So you know what i mean..., i think this giveaway has opened my eyes on the business side of my hobby.
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  11. Dobrescu George
    You have to consider the following though: A good reviewer gets more than one product for review, sometimes a dozen, most of times from a dozen different companies. You simply can't have a different attitude between companies, in the end good reviewers are impartial to the products they test, you simply respect everyone the same and bring a honest review to your pubic as a reviewer. FiiO X5-3 is a smooth DAP, you won't see me saying that it is not... (I don't like smooth signatures)

    With videocards, you get a benchmark, but the actual performance in your system depends on the Nvidia driver used, other software installed, monitor, OS, game version, whether you have a certain CPU/RAM, ambient temperature if you live in a hot climate, everything in the end will be like this, the world is complex.
  12. Marburger
    Thumbs up for good reviewers! Many here valunteer themselves to review for free because they enjoy it and they try hard to put into words all the nuances they hear/notice. The problem is in the end review will be based on reviewers ear, therefore he/she can state almost anything. However, with videocards as you noticed there are many variables that reviewer must take into consideration, which leaves almost no room for hyperboles.
  13. protoss
    Here is an honest quick review hit: (Try my best to be fair)

    Susvara retail price at $6000

    Beautiful to look at and hold. A very light weight and soft cushion earpads that will easily wrap around anyone's ears. The comfort level is top notch. The clamping force just perfect. The adjustment to the headband is one of the easiest to adjust with no problems. The cables it provide are light weight and decent entry level that will get the job done.
    The sound of the headphone is on the warmer side. With great detail and balanced all around. It can be consider a all rounder warm experience with a punch.
    The highlight is differently the punchiness or in other words the impactful presences that it release.
    The bass and mids are there and deep.
    The headphone needs a average to above amp to open it's full potential abilities.

    Even with all the great aspects of the headphone there are considerable downsides to the headphone.
    1. The design is couple of years old.
    2. Cables are average. For a premium item like this, it sure could of had an impressive cable.
    3. Quality insurance for each headphone should of being looked carefully. Maybe a solvent oil lubricant for each headphone for its adjusters.
    4. Extra pads, headband, and spare parts like screws and oil should of been included.
    5. 6 year warranty needed

    Overall, 8/10

  14. SomeGuyDude
    You just missed my point entirely, but okay.
  15. Mshenay Contributor
    Who wound up winning these btw, I didn't see the first post updated
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