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  1. Whitigir
    You have my eyes on you :D ! Impressive ! And thank you
  2. Dohyun
    If protoss bought it used, the condition of the headphone might be unknown so this could be a rare case of internal damage.
  3. protoss

    I will Clear this . Even thou I mention this in my original post.

    This is a used Susvara. The Hifiman Rep did not mention it is a prototype. The exact opposite. This was the final retail version that the main model is base on. This was the real deal nothing prototype about this. Everything was finish. The wood was perfect but dents and scratches, the metal band was perfect but squeaky and annoying.

    I just tested it for 30min or so. Got a good quite perfect listen. Got all the answers I needed. About 7 tracks. 1 10min EDM song, 1 movie soundtrack, 2 or 3 jazz/blue/funk songs and 2 videogame songs etch.

    Asked the lady is this the final version. She said yes, this is the final retail mass produce version

    Btw the build quality is He1000. So all the problems like yokes,screws, and headband adjustments issues will be easily found on these!!

    This is what I wanted to emphasize so much more on.

    I wanted to really say something like, hifiman asking us 6K for a rehash version of the same build as the He1000. Really what the neck is this. Couldn't it be better metal or something for a premium 6K flagship and the answer i got by holding it is a clear NO.

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  4. Dobrescu George
    I spend at least 2 weeks and up to 6 weeks with something before properly reviewing it... I don't think I would be able to understand and write about something without having spent a lot of time with that object...
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  5. protoss
    I had a Oppo PM-1 for 1 month as a loaner and in the first 30mins I had the same thoughts and criticism as I did 30 days later.
    Sennhesier HD800 with in 10mins of hearing it i bought it right away and still have the same thoughts and criticism over the years
    Ether C Flow heard them for 30mins and end up buying them soon after, same thoughts still

    Idk man. That was my impression on the Susrava.

    I do love Hifiman btw, 400i great, 400S great, 560 useless, He-6 legendary , Jade legendary, He1000 not bad,

    Another example, I heard the Z1R and I hated them right away. Massive coloration, and sweaty earpads.

    Oppo PM-1 sound decent and a huge disappointment with the painfully small earpads.

    And many more

  6. protoss
    I own 2 HD800 and the sound and constructions of them never disappointed me. It literally took me 10mins to understand them 9958197.jpg
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  7. Dobrescu George
    Woah, it looks like you have quite a lot of equipment in there.

    I probably agree about Oppo in general though, but I was serious about me taking time to get impressions about something. I like to know the sound of something in and out, how it works with all types of music and such, from death metal to electronic to pop to classical to orchestral. That is mostly because people listen to all kinds of music and they might be interested in a genre that you don't usually listen to.
  8. protoss
    Yes sir. I just gave my side of the story.

    It is up to everyone else to decide for them self.

    Btw if the Susrava blew my mind.... I would of purchased it already.

    Just saying

    Also I did gave a vague description on the sound before every single person here I notice

    Sound: Punchy, warm, tight, control, detail.

    If you like that type of signature than you might love the Susrava.

    Susvara has a utopia signature. Well kind of....
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  9. Whitigir
    Better or worse than utopia ?
  10. protoss

    If I have to choose. I pick Utopia over the Susrava.
  11. protoss
    But I think overall currently the best your money can buy is the SR-009
  12. protoss
    This is my top picks

    STAX L700
    Hd800/He1000/Ether flow/LCD3 and X/TH-900 = All tie
    Elear/LCD2/HD600/HD650/PM-1/He400i/M1060 = All tie
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  13. ATau
    I would agree with this if it were about sound alone. But assessing the build quality of an item can be done in minutes.
    The biggest problem with the Susvara probably isn't the sound, but its shabby build quality. Borrowing the headband assembly from previous headphones and not improving it in any way is not helping HiFiMan justify the 6000$ retail price.

    I just bought an Edition X V2 with much apprehension about the build, and this apprehension was confirmed when opening the box. The build is quite horrible, and does not correspond to a product in this price range. I don't think the Susvara is very different from it when considering build quality alone, and I can only imagine what a disappointment it must be.
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  14. ATau
    I just realized my previous post only had negative elements in it. I'd like to add that I'm absolutely loving the sound and comfort of the Edition X. The build issue is one thing, and it could be somewhat overlooked in the ~$1000 price range. However a $6000 product should be perfect in every way. There is no excuse for flimsy headbands or uneven printing on the box at this asking price, no matter how good it sounds.
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  15. Dobrescu George
    You're making me extremely curious to text a SR-009 sometime in the future!


    I have only tested 4 things from HiFiMAN in person, so I can only speak about the build quality of those. I know that this is no indicator for the build quality of every single product in their line, but since those are more recent, I have high hopes that Susvara being recent will also offer an improved build quality. Since I didn't notice any problems with He-560 when I tested it, I am left with a good impression in general, but of course, this might be wrong from my side. I will do my best to properly test the build quality of everything I review and such, but so far HiFiMAN looks really good with their build quality. If I ever manage to test a Susvara itself, I promise to let you know how it goes and what are my feelings about its build quality. As for the products I tested already from HiFiMAN:

    - HE560 - Excellent build quality with no apparent problems, but I tested it for only a few hours

    (Sorry, no photos...)

    - Megamini player - Incredible build quality for a DAP, everything clicks in place, no way I can complain about its build quality. It is a mini player and its software is minimalist, but the build quality is really good.


    - RE-800 - They are literally built like tanks and they are the most comfortable IEMs I ever placed in my ears, there is no space to complain in any way about them so far


    - RE-2000 - The IEM body is a tank, literally. There are no apparent problems with it whatsoever, it looks and works amazingly well and it also looks like it can endure a whole before showing any sign of fatigue.

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