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  1. vkvedam
    --> I am one of the veteran members of the community
    --> Known and admired Hifiman from it's inception
    --> One of the very few early adopters of HE-5LE
    --> I am an audio purist at heart
  2. genclaymore
    I always wanted to hear these 1k+ Headphones which I know that won't happen due to the price.This would be an perfect chance for me to try one.
  3. buyao
    I've never had a HIFIMAN headphone before but would like to try one and see how it compares to my Utopia.
    Might as well get the flagship model right lol
  4. oozlum
    A sense of SOUND - SUSVARA had arrived!
  5. Krit
    I want a SUSVARA because its just look so darn sexy and its sound must be as good as it looks. I rather have a SUSVARA over a Ferrari Fxx! Well, you should gave one to me because I would trade my soul or it.
  6. Crimvel
    I own a HIFIMAN HE-560 and I never would have imagined the upgrade I got from my old Headphones. Keeping this in mind I cannot even imagine what the SUSVARA would sound like.
  7. mike138
    I want a Susvara because it is an anagram for "Us vs. RAA" and I'll be damned if I let the Reginal Airline Association get one over on me.
  8. AriaVentris
    I have a strong passion for music and a love of sound in general and would not be able to afford the Susvara headphones given my class under any circumstance. Since I have yet to make any purchases of headphones on my own, winning them would be my life's dream and wish come true.
    thanks the world-wide audio company hifiman! I am korean, and 27 years old. and I am headphile man. My first planar magnetic headphone is......

    hifiman-he4! that model is perfect soultion for all westone-classical musics.

    especially, I Lovely used to he4 with aprilmusic stello hp100(the headphone/preamp, made by s.korea).

    here, my hifiman he4 review(written in korean).

    and I also have a review 'hifiman-re400(earphone)'

    upper review links are safe connecting web links.
    (do not worry!, upper my blog be patroling by korean cyber police officers in min.)

    I truly want to a Susvara so much....

    hmm.... What should I detaily expression to my desiring-mind for 'Susvara'!!!

    I have been headphile life since 2005y.
    and I enjoy the all musics... have no preoccupation.

    so I suggest one opinion to hifiman audio company!

    If hifiman company will confer a Susvara headphone to me. I must and joyfully review this amazing headphone, Susvara in english(also korean)on my personal blog and all the korea freely audio web community.

    I truly love hifiman's all the audio items sound-tune!

    then I really wish the famous audio company hifiman will make a decision with Fair-standard.

    thank you for watching all!

    I truly Pray for all wathchers to my holy lord. have a happy day :)
  10. silverre
    I want it cause I have tons of iems and no headphones currently :frowning2:
    Am on the lookout for good headphones that can convince me to stop using iems~~
  11. ChrisSC
    Music is everything to me and I want to hear it in its purest form.
  12. Sivert
    I would like the SUSVARA for the pleasure and joy that listening music with it would bring to my life.
  13. Askilla
    I am a long time audiophile but haven't been into headphones more then a year. Started with a pair from a German brand, my latest pair is the he-400i and I am now in love with planar and because of that I cant listen to my other rather expensive headphones anymore. Knowing how much I love the sound of my 400i I cant even imaging how good the Susvara must sound and it would be a privilege hearing and owning a pair.
  14. Luge
    I want the Susvara because I believe it may be the pinnacle of what is currently possible with the headphone concept. I want it because I trust it will sound godly, because I want to get immersed into the music with it and shut the door on the world for those few moments in a day, because I would like to admire your craftsmanship and be stunned by what a man can achieve nowadays and because I want to experience the moment of epiphany when I will discover the Susvara really can live up to its name and beyond.
  15. adiolab
    I would love to win a Susvara set because at CES 2017 I visited the HiFiMAN booth and demoed these prototype headphones and I believe that HiFiMAN has created a headphone that not only is beautiful on the outside, but renders music beautifully on the inside and I would love to experience pure music again.
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