Will you buy items at full MSRP?
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I've noticed that I can't bring myself to purchase an item unless I'm getting a good deal on it. If I'm trying to decide between two items, if one item has a larger discount than another, it will be a large determining factor. I won't purchase a pair of headphones unless there is at least a small discount from the MSRP, even if I want them really bad
I won't buy Games or DVDs from big box resellers unless I have a coupon or they're on sale. I can't bring myself to buy clothes that aren't marked down if I don't have a coupon. The list goes on

Of course this doesn't include things you can't get a discount on, like commodities, absolute necessities, certain foods at the grocery store, certain audio equipment, etc etc. But do you find yourself generally avoiding a purchase unless it has some sort of discount from the manufacturers suggested retail price?
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im the same, ill hunt out the best deal, it from my mum

Indeed, I feel like it's part of the hunt, and part of the enjoyment when you are shopping for that new item.
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I'm incrediably strange. I'll shop around for the best price on cd's, dvd's, grapes and audio equipment just to save a buck or two....but don't ask what I paid for a damn DCC cut of aqualung.

Generally the answer to your question is yes, i avoid MSRP at all costs, unless I'm in an incrediably manic mood.
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if i get a really good warrenty i will buy new, never a dvd, book, game tho

the last thing i bought from a shop (inet) was TF10 cause of 2 years warrenty, and i needed it

cant remeber i bought something like that from a shop on the street!
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If I need or want it badly enough I'll pay retail, but I rarely need or want something that much. When it comes to big ticket items it nearly kills me not to get a discount. I'll soon be in the market for a new car, and the model that probably best suits me only suits me in it's 2009 version. Typically I'm all about 2-3 year old re-certified models, but I may be forced to buy new this time- ugh!!!
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I even bought food items [some] from a local salvage grocery, until they arrived at home buggy. You had to be careful in that place - I found some hummus and checked the label to find that it had expired over a year before!

Nowadays, I happily pay full price for food.

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I never liked the idea of sales or annoying advertising (especially for things like wall-to-wall carpet), as the whole concept is meaningless when at any given point in time, prices are supposedly the lowest ever offered and such hyperbole. Coupons are particularly annoying, as you then get your mailbox filled with junk on a daily basis, and have to sift through stacks of mail just to find something that might have some relevance.

When the economy isn't driven by phony sales and price rollbacks, artificially inflated prices, etc., it's amazing to see that people still consume goods and services, and vote more based on quality than on price.
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I have spent the entirety of my adult life trying to get exactly what I want for the best price possible. I remain the complete foe of collusion between manufactuer and retailer to fix high prices. I have demonstrated consistently that by even getting 5% to 10% off MSRP, coupled with not buying anything you do not need or will not use, you can raise your materialistic standard of living by at least a full step. I think paying MSRP is just plain dumb. I also have come to realize it's not always possible to avoid MSRP, but this fits into the equation of deciding if there is a satisfactory substitute.
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Sure! If its more convenient to get pay full MSRP and get the item right away. But if I have the time to wait I seek the best deal.
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Obviously, if the same item is listed as at a cheaper price then I'd take that, but depending on the item or circumstances, yes I'd pay MSRP.
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It really depends on the item & how badly I want/need it! I would never pay MSRP for a vehicle or big item. I rarely mess with coupons or sales for smaller everyday type items. Even with clothes, I tend to just get what I need when I need it. For a female, I guess I"m unusual b/c I don't like shopping much & clothes shopping is a huge effort - so I tend to pay more than I should. I also hate crowds so I don't often go to the mall or the "popular" places when they have a good sale. The extra money is worth avoiding the crowds for me.
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I'm also in the boat where I only pay MSRP if I absolutely know I'm not going to be able to do any better, any time soon. Otherwise, I'm always hunting for the best deals. A lot of my friends will often get annoyed because I could spend a month or two hunting prices and justifying them until I'm finally ready to drop the dough on a purchase.

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