Will ViaBlue plugs fit in iBasso D10?
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May 22, 2009
So I dont have any Via Blue Mini plugs yet because I'm worried that they wont fit net to each other in my iBasso D10. I'm making a LOD cable and also a AKG headphone cable for portable use.

So doesnt anyone have a D10 and ViaBlue plugs they could test for me? Quickly?
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Well, measure out 14mm, that's the width of the plug.
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Originally Posted by dumbears /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm interested in this too. Cryo-parts.com mentioned not to use this plug on iBasso products.

Here is why (from another thread I posted):


To be fair, I have sold hundreds of these, and I have had only two people who have reported a problem with the plugs not fitting, both of whom owned iBasso products. I have tried the plugs with everything else I have around here that has a mini-jack and the only problem I ran into was that a few of them are too large to fit in my personal iBasso D3 Python.

So, with this in mind, I am going to say that they are just not a good match with the iBasso, due to, perhaps, their use of a non-standard 3.5mm input and output connector.

I also reported the "problem" to Viablue, who check their stock and they were unable to duplicate the problem, although it is unlikely they tried the plug with an iBasso.

Disclaimer--I do offer Viablue's for sale, so keep that in mind.



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hmm, nonstandard jacks eh...so you push it in and it just won't go in? is it the shape of the plug itself, the part that goes in?
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Originally Posted by scootermafia /img/forum/go_quote.gif
hmm, nonstandard jacks eh...so you push it in and it just won't go in? is it the shape of the plug itself, the part that goes in?

I said perhaps the iBasso uses non-standard jacks.

In any event, the iBasso are the only products that the Viablue has a problem with fit, which leads me to believe iBasso is using a slightly off sized jack.

FWIW--I cannot find anything other product that the Viablue's don't work very well with.

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Originally Posted by Good Times /img/forum/go_quote.gif
If they're non-standard, do other plugs have issues as well or does it just seem to affect the ViaBlue?

The other 3.5mm plugs I have laying around (CryoParts, Neutrik, Switchcraft, etc.) all seem to fit.

Perhaps the Viablue is made to the outer tolerance of the plug diameter spec? It does fit really nice and tight in everything I've plugged them into, which is nice.

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I ordered myself a Elite TWag Mini - Mini Cable with Viablue from whiplash audio.
When I asked Craig he told me it would fit my set-up ( Ibasso D2+ Boa) . Maybe he didn't really understand what I was asking lol. But I have a question for you guys: will that cable fit in to the input jack? I don't really need for it to get out, cause I will only use that cable


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