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Will this PS4 audio setup work?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by pixelskills, Feb 16, 2015.
  1. PixelSkills
    Sennheiser G4me One
    Fiio e10
    Syba stereo adapter
    How I am thinking this would work is hook the Fiio e10 up to one usb port and have it output chat and game audio. Then hook up the mic to the syba stereo adapter for voice chat.
    I am just hesitant because I am not sure if this will work or not? I really do not want to buy the astro mixamp as its just a bad product. Has anyone tried this setup or something similar?
  2. rc10mike
    Only 2 issues I see is:
    Will the PS4 even recognize the e10 when plugged into USB?? I havent read too much info on the PS4 being able to recognize USB DACs.
    Next issue is the Syba adapter probably wont fit into the USB "channel" on the front of the PS4.
  3. rc10mike
    Since I just got a CEntrance DACmini CX I decided to see is the PS4 would recognize it through USB and be able to output "All Audio" through it.
    Short answer, Yes you can output "All Audio" through USB on a PS4 to a DAC.
    Sadly, it didnt sound nearly as good as when I had the DACmini hooked up to the PS4 via Optical.
    The USB sound was harsh, thin, lifeless, and overall much worse than Optical. At this point, I dont know if its the PS4 or DACmini to blame.
  4. PixelSkills
    Man there is like no options with the PS4 other then the Astro Mixamp and damnit I dont want that. The PS4 does not currently output chat and game audio through optical or I would just buy a damn optical DAC. Unfortunately it does not.. It does not seem like there is such a dac that can take 2 inputs such as usb and optical and mix them into one channel.. Im close to just buying a turtle beach stealth 400p and being done with it. may sound like crap but at least it will work.
  5. esde84
    There are a couple of options for getting Chat through optical.
    Use a USB microphone. I use a Blue Snowball, and chat sound is sent with other audio through HDMI or optical.
    There is an method that some people are using a method outlines by leukoplast in another thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/690663/ps4-with-3-5mm-x2-type-headset/345
    I have not tried this so cannot confirm if it still works.
  6. PixelSkills
    Did you check to see if the volume was all the way up on the ps4 itself?
  7. Wallboy
    Sorry for the old thread bump, but I had just purchased one of those HDMI Extractor switches to be able to get Digital out or RCA output on the PS4 that I could use through my headphone amp. It then hit me that my computer outputs it's audio through USB and that plugs into my DAC, could maybe the PS4 do this as well? After googling I pretty much landed in this thread. I hooked up a USB cable to my Modi DAC into my PS4. At first no sound UNTIL I went into the mini menu with the PS button and found that "All Audio" setting. It works!

    The quality of the audio sounds similar to when I extracted the audio to RCA and plugged that straight into my amp. Anyone know what output "All Audio" is really doing as far as channels? 2.1? Surround? If I stick with the USB method, I won't even have to use that HDMI extractor box at all. I imagine only a handful of people know about the ability of using your own DAC on the PS4 for those of us who play with their headphones and have a DAC/Amp for them. Now to see if the Xbox One can do it as well...
  8. up2good
    I am looking for an XBOX solution as well so please post your findings,Thanks!

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