Will the ATH5000 be good with my set up?
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Nov 6, 2005
I have the MMF5 turntable with the bellari VP129... I plan to get the XcanV3 and hopefully ATH5000. I primarily listen to experimental noise groups / psychedelic, space jazz (Sun Ra) as well as classic prog and neo prog.

I am also looking at the Grado GS1000 + RA1 amp ...

I think the ATH5000 looks beautiful but the GS1000 looks like a big loveable monster... however I think I will go with whichever would sound best with vinyl and my musical choices.

thanks for any tips!
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What are you musical choices btw?

I currently have the W1000 and I have auditioned W5000.. The W1000 is NOT suited with the X-Can.. The W5000 has a similar sound signature with the W1000 (though I actually prefer the latter) so I would imagine it would not be a good idea as well.. The W1000 sounds muddy and muffled through the X-Can and imaging is greatly depleted.. I don't know if it's because of my tubes or whatever, but all I know is that it doesn't sound very good at all..
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I'd say that the W5000 isn't very picky with amplification. I've heared it with an Aria, a Millet, a Mini³ and a Cmoy, and even with the latter, it sounded astonishing good. My point of view is that amplification questions tend to exagerrated at headfi anyway.
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onvn, I had the W1000 and it sounded fantastic with the Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 (with full PinkFloyd Mods and a Little Pinkie). So my experience was totally different.

As a fool I sold the W1000 to get the W5000 and the W5000's headband made such a racket (creaking) that I sold it.

Now I am looking for another W1000.
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I agree things get exaggerated at Head-Fi because that's the way things goes here - minor differences in sound is described hyperbolically so others can easily know what we are talking about.. :p

As to the W1000 with the X-Can, I tried it the other week with the Aria, my X-Can v3 and a friend's Hornet.. The sound sounds muffled when compared to these other amps and kinda muddy almost.. Maybe it's because I like my music with a flat response and not coloured very much..

To the OP, I really don't know how well the W5000 matches with an X-Can v3 because I have not tried them together.. From my experiences with the W1000/X-can combo, I cannot say they are a GOOD combination, however decent!

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