Will SBZ and modi 2 setup sound different?
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Sep 16, 2014

Im planning to get the modi 2 uber and magni 2

SBZ > modi 2 uber (optical) > magni 2
My headphone philips x2

Might be able to run dobly or dts?

Will be diffrent or not? If yes is it worth

Gamig watching movie n Enjoying music

And is there better setup
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If you are using optical then yes you can do dolby and dts because the SBZ is doing the DTS decoding and outputting a 2 channel stream via the optical.  This also works for gaming where the SBZ does all the game audio processing and outputs is digitally to the Modi 2.  If you use the usb it bypasses the SBZ and it does none of the processing the computer processor does all of it and any sound benefit on in game audio processing that the SBZ would do is lost.  I cannot compare the Modi 2 via optical with the SBZ as I don't have a Modi 2 but I do have a Modi 1 and comparing it via USB and the SBZ I preferred the SBZ for music once I turned ALL the crystalizer effects off on the SBZ.  Personally I would try using the SBZ and using the pre-amp out on it into the Magni 2 with the preamp set to 100% and see what you think.  The SBZ is no slouch.
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I'm planning to get the Modi 2 Uber and Magni 2
Setup: SB-Z > Modi 2 Uber (optical) > Magni 2
To my headphone Philips x2
Might be able to run Dolby or DTS?
Will be different or not? If yes is it worth for gaming watching movie n Enjoying music, And is there better setup

Hopefully you disabled the motherboard's on-bard audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the add-on internal sound card.

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