Will I be happy with HD595 and Little Dot I+
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Aug 19, 2008
Hello again. I know I'm being a little silly here, but I'm getting nervous about my soon to arrive purchases.

Im new to high end audio. The best I've heard so far is my Sleek SA6 through the Fiio and my iPhone 3G. I think this sounds really good.

I have the HD595 coming along with the Little Dot I+. I plan on adding a hotusb1 DAC to the mix.

Looking here, I'm seeing some real mixed reviews of the HD595. Some love them, but others dont seem as happy with them. Im guessing these people have moved on to bigger and better things (hd600 and hd650).

I was just looking for your opinions as to if I will be happy with my new setup. I know its subjective and Im being silly, but I get like this with new purchases, I want to get the most bang for my buck.

I listen to classical, classic rock, female vocal, some hard rock.

Thanks in advance for any opinions!

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