Will different players with the same amp affect the audio quality?
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Jul 18, 2015
I'm sorry if the title is not clear and specific enough. Below is some more details about my question.
I am currently connecting my iPod Classic 160GB to Sony PHA-3 portable AMP via a 30-pin USB cable.
If I buy another music player, for example, Sony NWZ-A17, and connect it to PHA-3 via the micro-USB cable, will the sound quality change in any way?
I think they are both transmitting audio signal digitally so I don't think there are any effect on the final sound output, assuming that the same audio files are used.
But, is it true?
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Your Sony PHA-3 is an DAC + headphone amp. When sending a digital signal to the DAC, it generally should not matter what the source device is. The same music file played on both devices should sound the same (barring any DSP enhancements that might be turned on).

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