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Will a low-end portable amp boost the sound quality of my noise cancelling headphones in passivem mode?

  1. simpleme
    Hi All,
    First off, I am not an audiophile. I like good music and I fly a lot. Therefore I decided to buy headphones with active NC (I have done my research and know I sacrifice some sounds quality for the NC). So I have bought the ATHC-AND7b (price/quality better than the bose QC imho). The headphones sound really good in active mode, yet I would like to use them in passive mode sometimes as well for various reasons (traffic safety, interference, etcc..).
    While they do work in passive mode, the sound quality is not as good as in active mode. My question now is wheather or not a low-end amp like the fiio E05 would boost the quality of these headphones in passive mode.
    Thank you in advance

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