Will a headphone amp get rid of the 'hiss' noise?
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Dec 14, 2012
Noob here, please bear with me.
I have the Roland Duo Capture (UA-11) USB, which works perfect in every respect except when the volume is turned high, at which point there is a noticeable hissing noise. The noise is gone at slightly lower volumes. I am wondering if this noise is present at all levels (but only noticeable at high volumes) or it only comes about at high amplification. If the latter, then I should be able to keep the volume low and route the signal to a headphone amp. If not, then the amplifier will amplify the noise as well as the signal: no good.
Does anyone have any information about this?
More Info:
I am using a laptop as an audio workstation. The internal sound device is useless. Initially I got the Fiio E10 (the newest revision, Olymupus). It sounded good, but ASIO4ALL didn't like it much, and I could only get either a long but stable latency, or a short but unstable one. Also, everytime the input was silent for more than a few second, the Fiio would cut the stream off, and took a fraction of second to come back on again, which is fine for listening to music, but very irritating for live performance.
So I went ahead and got the Roland. It has stable low latency ASIO, and sounds even better than the Fiio. However, when the volume is turned up it puts out this hissing noise. I have eliminated all potential sources causing this problem; e.g. turned off the direct monitor function, lowered the input gain, etc. I am using a pair of AKG 240s, in case that matters.

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