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Will a FIIO E6 remove hiss?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by bukujutsu, Jun 20, 2012.
  1. bukujutsu
    I received my Vsonic GR06s a few days ago and they're great with a Sansa Fuze, but with my laptop and Galaxy S there's a distinct hissing sound. It's probably a hardware problem. 
    Will the FIIO E6 deal with this? If not, what will that costs under $50? 
  2. Mutnat
    At that price point I would think you are as likely to introduce hiss as you are to remove it.  If you step up more around the $100 range, say an E11 or even an iBasso D-Zero would probably be more rewarding.  But I could be wrong.  No experience with the E6 personally.
  3. ostewart
    Fiio E11 hisses also
  4. Mutnat
    Ah.  Well, I can confirm the JDSLabs C421 has zero hiss!  But it's way over your price range.  What about even a CmoyBB?  Do they hiss?
  5. ostewart

    yes the C421 has no hiss
  6. bukujutsu
  7. colinharding
    No amp will remove hiss.  Your laptop is hissing and your headphones are picking that up, no amount of downstream tweaking will remove what your source puts into the equation.  Bottom line is, use another source to get rid of the hiss.

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