Wildblue internet anyone got it?
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Del Griffith

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Jul 30, 2003
Satellite internet..WildBlue..I just got installed today. I live too far out for any other option. Wondering if anyone on head.fi has it and how they like it. To early to tell for me as it is doing tons of software updates. Hope it is worth the $. Just looking for input. Thanks..
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Mar 6, 2007
My Sister has WildBlue and she's very happy w/it. Previous service was dial up and like you WB is the only other game in town.

Edit: She's had it for over a year and I've not heard say anything negative about WB.
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Todd R

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Sep 27, 2001
I HAD Wild Blue for a couple years.
The equipment and service was pretty unreliable.
The repair man was here so many times we got to be good friends.

The last straw was when they couldn't figure out why the service was so slow, so they started guessing. Ran all new cables (which I had to pay for) and it still didn't fix it.

So...I switched to Hughes Net, but they have their problems too (in addition to being more expensive).
The download limit at Wild Blue was averaged over a 30 day period and if you went over, (got FAP'd) your downloads were slowed until the 30 day average dropped below the limit. Could take weeks to get back to normal speed.

With Hughes Net they go by daily usage. With the Pro Plan, you are only allowed 300MB in 24 hrs. If you go over, you are slowed until your 24 hr average drops below the limit. The problem is, they slow the service so much, usually about 24kbps or less, that your internet is basically cut off during this period. I'm lucky if I can even get E-mail.
Pretty crappy for $69.99 a month.

What I've discovered is I cannot even download system software updates for my computer sometimes unless I want to get up to enjoy the "Free" time of unlimited downloads from 3AM to 6AM.

Both systems slow or go out during strong thunderstorms.
Neither system is recommended for gaming due to the lag time.

Customer service sucks for both systems.
Wild Blue would direct me to the local dealer who was only open bankers hours.
Hughes Net sends you to India or the P.I. where the people on the phone can barely speak english.

In other words, I hate satellite internet, and only have it because there is no other choice where I live.
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May 20, 2008
WildBlue is either very reliable or very very very bad and slow and random on when you will be up or down. Toss of a coin based on where you live.

Wildblue also has bandwidth plans i think it is 1-2GB a day down and like 500M-1GB up. Then you get throttled to 56k speeds.

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