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  1. Feilong4
    Thanks for the archive link! I only found out about Wikiphonia not too long ago after searching through the Orthodynamic roundup thread with dead links to the site.
  2. Faust2D
    I want to try to bring it back, but it might be difficult. I had issues with hosting and work and other unimportant real life stuff. Let me know via PM if you want to contribute.
    Alex196 and Feilong4 like this.
  3. Kabeer
    Hi all, I hope the wiki can be revived! I do not possess the tech skills to bring this back, but I hope some kind souls here can help to bring it back!

    Myself and many others contributed a lot to the wiki, there's a lot of cool vintage headphone knowledge that shouldn't fall away.

    Thank you @Music Alchemist for the archive link.

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