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  1. High_Q
    I keep running into this site.  Does this site have any relations to Head-Fi?  If not, who runs this site?
  2. Ishcabible
    It's mostly something run by the orthoheads. Iirc, Faust2D runs it.
  3. Tiemen
    Yes, it's run by Headfi-ers, as Ishcabible tried to explain.
  4. Ishcabible


    I wasn't too sure if every person that helped contribute is a Head-fier, so I took the vague route haha.
  5. luvmusik
    Really hoping Wikiphonia content comes back up on that site. Also hoping all the content was saved & not lost.
    This has been a comprehensive reference tool with deep information. Have learned immensely from Wikiphonia.
    Some data is so obscure, it is not found otherwise. The Stax section is wonderful, along with other mfrs's tabs and listening impressions.
    Can tell it is a labor of love with probably thousands of hours of input. A must for headphone enthusiasts.
    World-class info - hope it comes back !
  6. luvmusik
    Checking in a year later for the new year !
    Faust, we have learned so much from you and are eternally grateful.
    Can only imagine the amount of time input to create wikiphonia.
    Please save all the wikiphonia data and somehow post it all again somewhere, or publish it on paper.
    Many of us will contribute dollars if needed.
    Your info is spot on, with fine ears, and historically so vital for all to learn entering this hobby.
    Ultimate reference not found anywhere else including the www, for use by all at any level of enthusiasts.
    Thank you & hope to see it again !
  7. luvmusik
    A year gone by, posting here and hope Wikiphonia data can again emerge in any form.

    Maybe a published paperback in print or paid subscribed online source or paid online download.

    Or, maybe there is some comprehensive way to post pdf files also.

    Learned so much from Faust & grateful to remember much of it so far.

    Hope you can somehow pass this info along to future generations as a learning tool.

    Thank you for all efforts involved in its development.

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