WiFi receiver

  1. bode
    I'm in the process of updating my life. I just purchased an HTC 10 for Christmas..thanks for the heads up guys. I have a portable SSD with a ton of mp3s and will start a collection of flac files. I'm about to buy a RAVPower FileHub Plus which will plug into the SSD and send the files via WiFi to my phone and beyond.

    Ideally I'd like to send this signal onto my HiFi (through bluetooth at the moment), but would rather send this via WiFi to the amp.

    Is there a reliable WiFi receiver available?
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  2. bode
    Just discovered the Arcam streaming range of products. I've got some reading to do! Anyone got any preferences for Arcam products?
  3. MarkoSt
    Do you mean on WiFi receivers?

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