Widest Soundstage below $150
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Feb 21, 2010
Hi Head-Fi's,

I listen (iPod classic) to Classical, Soundtracks, Rock (some Jazz) and soundstage is very important to me. I would also like some decent definition, no booming bass necessary.

Which of the current IEMs offers the most spacious, detailed, and accurate soundstaging?

I was considering RE0, but hesitate because "Since RE0 has a closed design, it will never be able to match wide soundstage..." (ClieOS).

So, feel free to recommend something close accurate as RE0, but wider for budget UNDER $150, please. If it's possible!?

Thank you much!
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Cyclone pr1pro and hippo VBs have both spacious soundstages, pr1pro has a more flatter sound signature but VBs have a much more airier, 3d-feeling soundstage, which separates each sound layers with a great sense of space and air between them. Its bass is only boosted in its deepest end (about same midbass amount than pr1pro), so it still separates layers of bass (and especially sub-bass) extremely well. Only its treble is sub-par compared to the rest of the sound spectrum and sometimes grainy if not sibilant.
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Thank you, but I am little bit hesitant about these 2 according some reviews, or opinions, or just don't have enough info, yet

I was looking @
-Etymotic HF5,
-UE SuperFi 5,
to be close to RE0 accuracy and hoping to have wider soundstage....or if anyone has other recommendation in this direction.
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Originally Posted by daouda /img/forum/go_quote.gif
. I see you dont want to give obscure chinese or singapouri srania brands a chance, it might be your loss, but i understand. Pitchke materina, srania, pushi kuratz : what do these mean??

First of all, this is very bad language "Pitchke materina, srania, pushi kuratz"!!

Second: I already have SoundMagic IEM, so don't try to attach here something that I didn't say!!

Third: Thank you for your time, but don't post in this thread anymore!!
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neutral with wide soundstage....RE252 are the only ones that come to mind, out of my collection they have a very spatial soundstage, but I don't know if they're wide. And, they're over budget unless you buy them used.
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love my Etymotic 4p especially for classical and jazz, which is about all I listen to. Also consider your amp since I think that's a part of the soundstage as well.

O I forgot: Amazon has the Triple Fi back on sale for about 189 or so. Those would be fantastic with or without an amp
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The Fischer Audio Silver bullet sounds like what you want, they have a very wide soundstage and are pretty balanced (though still slightly coloured, warm sounding but without giving up too much balance.)
ClieOS says they are even wider than the TF10, which I do not doubt. However, you want to step up from the RE0, and the Silver Bullet costs $70, not closer to the $150. I'm assuming you're looking for something better than the RE0 up to $5150?
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Originally Posted by goranilic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Third: Thank you for your time, but don't post in this thread anymore!!

I don't really think that's your call.

For the record, PR1 Pro was the one that came to mind for me as well.
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Originally Posted by mythless /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Doesn't the Eterna have a wider soundstage than the RE0?

Yes, but the Silver Bullet is even wider and more balanced.
The Eterna has a unique soundstage that could be called narrow to some - but the key is that it can feel close and it can also feel very far out.
Here is a visual description. Your head is the XX.


| | | | ||----XX----|| | | | | |
whereas other IEMs might be more like this:

The Eterna is like being aligned with the centre of the stage and being somewhat close to the stage but hearing the guitarist to your far right etc.
Of course, that isn't an exact example, but that's the basic idea of it, just less blatant than the diagram. The RE0's positioning and separation aren't the best either compared to the Eterna.

If the OP is looking for an IEM like their S4 (but better) like one of their earlier posts suggests, the Eterna is a good choice. Otherwise, if they want more balance and a really really wide soundstage, the Silver Bullet would be better.
I'd give my opinions of other IEMs too if I had any that fit the bill.
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Goranilic, sorry about that, i was just communicating by msn with a french friend whose name is goran (his parents are serbs, well hes also a serb then) and he told me to type this to you when i said i was replying to someone named goran as well, so i wanted to ask you what it meant.... Well he told me the meaning of the words and needless to say, i apologize, i just have doubted it though! Im sorry, hope you arent too offended, i think you should just laugh about this (im LMAO right now even though im ashamed) and forgive my ignorance (and stupidity)!
I still think you should give a chance to PR1pro, just listened to dvorak 9th 1st movement and beethoven kreutzer sonata (perlman & ashkenazy) and it was just about perfect. Hvala! (?) EDIT: i admit i knew about srania already

Oh and eterna presentation is definitely too upfront (esp. mids and midbass) to yield a sense of wide soundstage to my ears. Also, too coloured/unbalanced to feel really detailed, and the sound signature is really not the best for classical
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If you check closely on ebay or other online sites, you could probably get a pair of TripleFi 10 for around 150... I can say they have an amazing sound stage, as well as detail and clarity + thumping, but non intrusive bass. I think it's really worth looking for a pair of these as they blow any other universal IEM I have tried out of the water.

They are simply amazing, with classical too, as far as I am concerned.
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First of all:
@daouda - apologies accepted!!!... and thank you again for recommendation. Only problem about PR1pro is I don't know any reliable seller who got these!?

@sokolov91 - I am not comfortable buying on Ebay, but I'm really tempted according what I read here about TripleFi 10, and @ $150 my budget is really stretch. That's why I was considering maybe SuperFi 5 ( or other considered above).

@ethan961 - that was really great visualization!!! Hey aren't you sales rep for "Bugden Audio"? If so, when you are going to have Eterna in stock?...and can "Head-Fi" members can have some promotion @ Bugden Audio, please?

Thx everybody, expect to hear more from you guys about this subject!
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Yeah, I'm the owner of Bugden Audio.
Eterna will be back in stock within a couple of weeks, about a week after they ship.
I'm thinking about a promotion, I'm just not sure how to make it public as simply saying it here would be against the forum rules.
Tips on the Eterna change the sound greatly; quality tips tame the midbass a lot and bring out the highs and details. daouda is using stock tips ATM AFAIK, he has some good quality tips on the way.

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