Wicked Audio Pure Sound 600 review
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Did you see how much the forgrand FG-E8061 looked similar to FA Eterna???

Im willing to bet there are a LOT of hidden crazy bang for buck gems in this forgrand catalog
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There have to be many 'gems' out there since only a few companies manufactur drivers/speakers for earphones/headphones. Most of the cheap-expensive ones we listen to are like bicycles: mere marketing machines. If this one sounds good, so too will its other versions by other companies.

Earphones share more in common than headphones (full size), but less in common with the common balanced armature iem!
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Would you say the nozzle size and width let you get a fairly deep insertion with them?
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Wow i had just wrote a whole write up on these, and had all my crap deleted by browser crash. Anyway sorry for the delay my fiio got wet and killed both headphones. In summary, the pur-600 is much darker than I expected it to be. While the pur-600 is very fun, it isn't as fun or engaging as the HJES. Although the soundstage is wider(barely), it is also more congested than the HJE. They share almost the same amount of bass. Even the punch is almost the same. Of course it is better on the HJE but the pur-600 does a nice job overall for $40.

Anyways i'll let joker handle the rest and probably edit my review. I just got used to the sound as I suspected. But they are quite good anyways. Very good infact for $40. I'm hoping joker will agree.
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The Wicked PURE 800s (a step up) are actually even more amazing. As mentioned, they are available at Frys. The were 70 dollars, and worth every penny. Unfortunately, the plug on mine broke and I find it hard to solder cloth-impregnated, enamel coated wire, so they may just get thrown in a box. HOWEVER, they were absolutely incredible while they lasted, and I'm sure if I had treated them better, they would have lasted even longer. If I hadn't just bought some ATH-A700s I would get another set today.
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Why don't you get send them in and get them replaced? Empire Brands offers life time warranty on most their products including their Pure sound series.
BTW Can someone comment on the Pur-1000s? I'm planning on getting them soon. Canada Computers has them con clearance for $38.88. 
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I loved hearing the reviews of these headphones. I'm not much of an audiofile, but I do love listening to music. I found this review because I was looking to hear the opinions of others in regard to the Pure Sound 600 headphones. I bought these earbuds myself, and I was blown away. I love the fact that the headphones sound great, feel good, and are made with such quality. I know you all stated some places to find them online, but I got mine from http://www.theearbudstore.com/product/Pure-Sound-6mm and had them in less than a week. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to hear what an artist really wanted you to hear! 
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i really don't like these headphones so far, i just bought them from my campus bookstore to use because my CC51's broke, completely, for the screw**g 5th time. So i wanted something temporary to satisfy me until meelec sends me yet another replacement, but i find the soundstage on these to be tiny and the treble is really rolled off, midrange is nice though, and bass isn't overpowering, but not very high quality either, i wonder if i should do a review? i could take nice pictures of the superb packaging.

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