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  1. jmpsmash
    this sounds like a college interview question, but it is an interesting one nonetheless.


    why headphones? what makes you interested in headphones in the first place?

    i listen to headphone mainly because i want to be able to listen to music at work. the other reason is because a very good headphone system is much more affordable than a very good hi-fi system.

    a good pair of speakers alone will probably cost $10,000+ these days.

    and the final reason, is that they just sound so damn good. [​IMG]
  2. bpm2000
    simply because other people dont want to hear my music all the time (sony v6), and with that i had to upgrade and try other things and so on and so forth.
  3. Neruda
    Personally, I got into headphones because a whole bunch of people on headwize explained to me how cool they were. I don't think that headphones deliver music better than speakers, but they're easier to get into because of the price. they're also portable, and you can use them at night when you might not be able to use speakers.

    Right now I'm starting to get into speakers, but I think headphones will always be important to me. They're a hell of a lot of fun, they give you great sound on the go, and the people who are interested in them are damn fun to talk to! You can't go wrong with headphones. [​IMG]
  4. DarkAngel
    The only reason I have headphone collection is for late night/early morning listening so neighbors and other household members are not disturbed.

    Headphones do produce very good sound for the money spent, also very simple to set-up and use. Biggest strength is highly detailed/dynamic presentation. Achilles heel is headphones cannot reproduce the massive 3D soundstage a highend system with full size speakers properly set up can produce.

    I would much rather listen to main system vs headphones, but main system cost 10k, and took years of tweaking to get to present level of performance
  5. massappeal85
    I don't think lugging around my pops speaker and bass cabinets around my shoulders is very feasible with the school policy. Hence, my latest purchase of a v6.

    Speakers vs. phones: I'm very lucky that I'm able enjoy music even on the crappiest of systems. But if I had speakers of sound quality on par with an sr-80, I'd probably listen to those far more often then with phones that sound like the 325.
  6. artmusic247
    I notice that when I go out into the world with my portable headphone rig, it changes the way I see the world. It totally sets the mood for wherever you are. I remember last semester, walking around on campus while listening to the Star Wars soundtrack with a grin on my face because I kept looking in the sky thinking the Millennium Falcon was gonna fly by. [​IMG]
  7. dhwilkin Contributor
    Partly for not bothering my roommates at night, and partly for getting really awesome sound at a price I can afford.
  8. JMT Moderator
    I am addicted......

    To the sound, and the hobby.[​IMG]
  9. redshifter
    because i look cooler than the fonze with these enormous cans strapped to my head![​IMG]

    i listen to a LOT of music, and not everybody appreciates my choices (coworkers, wife, etc.), so good headphones are a must.
  10. MacDEF Contributor

    I don't think that headphones deliver music better than speakers, but they're easier to get into because of the price.

    I think they deliver different music quality. There are some things that headphones do much better than speakers, while there are some things that speakers do much better than headphones.

    I got into headphones about 20 years ago when I got a portable radio and a set of Koss cans. Since then I've always had a few pairs, since I use a portable radio or MD player (or cassette for years [​IMG]). I also listen while working.
  11. coolvij
    To be honest, I got into headphones ONLY because of how many great guys were on headwize. And now I've met even more....it's good music, good people - great fun!
  12. Onix
    Well, just because I like my music private and ussually hate whatever the rest of the world is playing[​IMG] . Also, I write and work better while listening to music instead of the chattering around me in the office.[​IMG]
  13. MikeR17
    I got into headphones because of the lower price and the fact that my mom constantly bitches about whatever music I'm playing too loud... I started out with my v6's and the obsession just won't stop! Also, the people on both HeadWize and Head-Fi are great and it's a great place to surf through.
  14. joelongwood Moderator
    JMT wrote:

    I am addicted......

    To the sound, and the hobby.

    So am I.[​IMG]
  15. KR... Contributor
    The really good speakers cost too much, and even then you will have to buy very expense speaker cables and let’s not forget about the room treatments, and of course the speakers will only sound their best from that one and only sweet spot.

    With headphones, you don’t have to worry about these things, plus you can have many different headphones to give you many different renditions of your music, just try to do that with speakers. Plus, you can listen to your headphones in the early mornings or late at night; you can’t do that with speakers without pissing a lot of people off.

    Plus, I just think that they are a lot of fun in addition to all that I wrote about above.

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