Why to people remove the sale price and put SOLD instead?
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Originally Posted by Ub3rMario /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I don't know if this has been mentioned already, but personally if i'm selling I appreciate other sellers removing the price. Why? Because maybe someone sold the same thing i'm selling but at a ridiculously low price just because he/she was desperate to get some cash.

That impacts me because buyers may look back and be like "Wow no way i won't pay that price because that other guy sold for so much lower. These phones aren't worth as much as he's asking for!"

It may cause a false impression that certain items are worth less than they actually are.

If it's just one sale price you found out of say 10-15 in the last year for that item then you could safely assume that the buyer was desperate to liquidate it and shore up some cash. If on the other hand a lot of people are looking to dump the item, and it's selling way below what it usually does and the new retail price then that's a trend. Something cheaper and superior may have come out for example, it may have gone out of fashion. If so, then by all means a buyer should be able to get it at the lower price because that's the going rate right now, if someone instead is able to sell the item at a premium because the buyer can't check the price the same item went for 2 weeks ago, then the seller is gaining an unfair advantage.


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i think the price should be removed otherwise it perpetuates a price trend (usually upward). This, for example, is seen in the the crazy prices for PS-1s seen lately. If all those selling prices were confidential, no doubt, the current "market" price would be a lot lower.

Removing prices forces future sellers to price their stuff appropriately. Yes, it makes things difficult for buyers but buyers always have the brand new price as a reference point so I don't see what's so difficult about this.

Rising price trends could be attributed to anything though, possibly an upsurge demand, or a lack of sellers for example. The degree to which people know the going rate, i.e. how many past prices they can reference, doesn't really influence that. I mean it's not like you're ever going to be able to fully hide what the going rate is, even if all sales here were done through confidential proposals (unlikely), there would be multiple sources on the web that could tell you a rough price for a secondhand item where that system is not in effect, not to mention as you said, you could estimate a rough used price from the retail price of a new item.

The only thing you will get from slightly obscuring the going price like this is knowledgeable sellers gorging higher prices from lesser informed customers who don't quite know the value of item xx, with upgrades xx and xx, xx past owners, and xx overall lifetime. So in effect all it will lead to is more erratic prices and knowledgeable sellers exploiting arbitrage.

If I had to guess I'd suggest that people replace price with SOLD either because they think it's a rule or tradition and mindless follow it, because they want to exploit their superior knowledge of price levels and hope others will do the same making their latter purchases better bargains, or purely because they want to make damn sure they're not bugged by PM for items they've already sold because it's likely everyone looks at the price of an item first and so no doubt won't miss the placeholder ^_^
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Originally Posted by baglunch /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Leave the price, and do NOT make a new post just to say it's sold (which bumps your now useless thread above people that are trying to sell). Merely edit the title and text of the OP to reflect the sold status.

As people are able to subscribe to a FS thread I routinely add a new post saying the item is sold, just so they'll know.

I too am perturbed by people deleting the value an item sold at.
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Originally Posted by DunninLA /img/forum/go_quote.gif
krmathis... if you read that carefully, that rule seems to be crafted to prohibit comments within "for sale" listings about the item for sale or its price.

Ok, guess I focused too much of that threads topic. The detailed content of the thread are less restrictive I see... Sorry!

In the beginning I always removed prices from my FS threads, for the reason mentioned here. Like:
* Asking price don't always mean selling price.
* To not cause a price trend. Cause the market price of gear around here are in a constant change.
* More...

Earlier this year I turned around, and now leave the asking price in. Its don't always equal the selling price, but it probably does not matter. Then I update the first post to reflect that the item have been sold.
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I leave the selling price all the time.....but maybe from now on,ill let the buyers know that i do leave the price showing,and if they dont mind this practice,theyll still buy it from me. That takes care of the profiteers i think.

We wont ever all agree on this, so thats what im doing.

Maybe write it in your signature so they know.
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I always leave the selling price and add a sold tag to the title and in the post where I list the price. I wish everyone would do this because an open marketplace benefits both sellers and buyers- people get to buy and sell things for what their worth, everything is transparent. If someone is desperate to sell something they can list an item for less than what it typically sells for and vice versa, a seller who wants more can hold out for someone willing to pay for it.

Don't fear an transparent marketplace. I wish the moderators would add a sticky post that says, "Leave your selling price in the post" to help break this tend.

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