why people perfer y-cord more than j-cord?
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Mr Newyear

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May 26, 2012
I had a pair Sennheiser CX300 earbuds that had a j-cord. While walking, the weight of the entire cord was on the earbud in my right ear, and it would frequently fall out. Now I have a Y cord, and the weight is evenly distributed to both ears, and they stay in place.

I only find this problem when I wear the left side out of my ear. Usually if I am wearing my IEMs with a J-cord I leave the right side out (when people talk to me or I am in a social situation) and its much more convenient than the Y-cord where one side would be all the way down to my thighs. If I wear both in, it is perfectly comfortable. Honestly, if an IEM does not have a J-cord, it's a huge deal breaker. Just my experience.
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Feb 14, 2008
Many IEMs have Y-cords because it will allow for easier 'over the ear'-wear of the cord. This way of wear with a J-cordwould put the part where the wire splits in a weird/uncomfortable place.
I'm not saying J-cords are bad, but personally I don't like J-cords very much, (because I'm a bit weird), I guess my brains just aren't wired correctly or something. So far, all J-corded cans I've owned had the short wire on the left. I sometimes have problems with filtering human speech out of background noise. The thing is, I have this problem stronger in my right ear, so when taking out one earpiece, I usually take out the one on the left, as the filtering issue is less there. That means that the full weight of the cord, left earpiece and the rest of the cans ends up pulling on the right earpiece, I don't like that. Also, I have a very sensitive skin, it is sensitive to sunlight, sensitive to touch and sensitive to several substances. I don't like the feeling of the wire on my skin behind my neck, it's ok in normal use, but when popping out the left earpiece, with the added weight on the cable, that feeling just annoys the hell out of me.
Also, the previous mentioned feeling imbalance is something I don't like. Virtually no pull on the right earpiece as there is just a short piece of wire that rests on your neck vs. the full weight of the cord on the left earpiece. This is easily solved by using a shirt clip though. (but I don't like those either).
And another thing, my sweat is like toxic waste. You know how rubberized surfaces turn all sticky after long term use? Well, my sweat does that to most materials that are used for outer mantles of cables, in a very short time (think a couple of weeks or sometimes just days, instead of months or years). So far the only cables that I don't have this issue with are those on my Sennheiser IE7 (which I hardly use) and my Westones (which I use often and also clean often). A Y-cord, worn down has fairly little skincontact, A Y-cord worn up (over the ear) a bit more, but not nearly as much as a J-cord resting on the back of my neck.
I do have a solution that allows me to enjoy my J-corded earphones (on the rare occasion I still want to use them). I have a Scottevest fleece hoodie which has a nifty cable management system built in. It's a bit of a hassle to get the cables in and out, and it isn't really a good solution for warm weather and you automatically take off your earphones whenever you take off your hoodie, but at least it relieves the annoyances I associate with J-cords.
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Oct 26, 2012
For the past 4 years, I was using Senneheiser CX300s with a J-cord. They were the first asymmetrical/J-cord type headphones I ever bought. At first I hate them, as the cord would bend in weird ways behind my neck and to the right side, and I always had to adjust it. They were an absolute pain in the ass at the gym, especially when running as the right ear cable would flop around behind my neck and eventually start tugging at my right ear as it bunched up to the left. They behaved much better when simply walking places. Yet I don't think there was a day in those 4 years that they didn't annoy me to some extent.
About a month ago, the right quit working, so I started shopping for some new IEMs. I ended up with the Klipsch S4i, which has a Y-cord and audio controls. I love the flat cord, but holy hell do they tug at my ears constantly. I have to say that part of the reason has to be the audio controls module, which constantly snags on my clothing and seems to weigh the cord down. If I don't somehow pin the cord to my clothing, then the microphonics are unbearable. I like to move my head around when walking or exercising, and it just always seems to pull down and I have to readjust every time. This was also a pain at the gym, running the cord under my shirt and the cord just tugging at my ears constantly. The seal just won't stay tight.
So after this experience, I'm really missing the J-cord. Cord weight does play a role, but I experienced so much less tugging with J-cord headphones. They're also much easier to deal with in the winter when wearing a scarf. Just run it underneath and the cords just come up to your ears underneath. I suppose I could do the same with Y-cord somehow, but I think having the cord running along your neck helps support it, rather than a cord hanging in front of you.
I'm currently shopping for some new ones to use instead of the Klipsch. And who knows...maybe when I have both I'll find reasons to use the Y-cord.


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